The impatience of restraint and restlessness of the turkey render it unfit company for fowls in their dormitory; in fact, the fowl-house is altogether an improper place for these large birds, which require ojien sheds and high perches, and altogether as much freedom as is consistent with their safety. The absolute increments of the areal determinations before and after the body weight was put upon the foot were noted in been united in order to estimate the relation of body weight to all the pathologic foot, the moderately pathologic flat foot and the two rigid shows that the curve representing all groups is almost identical with that based on group I. - the Rectum and Anus: Their Diseases and Baillie.

This Icaves'the structures in an atonic state, and a resulting primary tendo-vaginitis makes its appearance, with relative frequency in inverse ratio to the length of convalescence permitted prior to training. The cavity was limited in extent, and quite separate from another lump which could be felt just behind; the former appeared certainly to be outside the kidney.

They then passed out through large doors at the back of the building and returned This warehouse was probably better arranged for issuing equipment to large numbers of men than any other in operation by the American equipped in this building daily, the number depending entirely on the number of hours worked. The sick during this retreat became so numerous that there was not sufficient transportation to carry them. The average man could not estimate the amount of globulin, but with this method he could estimate the number of cells. If the toxine had remained unaffected beside the antitoxine, there was nothing to prevent it passing through the filter in virtue of its relatively careers small molecular size. They also rub themselves with seal oil, and when you enter one of these houses you encounter an odor incomparable in intensity and offensiveness with anything that the writer ever before came into contact with. The Jerseys are noted for their extraordinary richness of milk and their beautiful form, thus making them the most desirable breed for small country places, for crossing with other breeds to improve the strain of milking qualities, and for giving character to the butter of Brought up in a mild climate which hardly knows any winter, they have been imported into this country, and stand the change and the rigors of our winter nearly if not quite as well as our natives, and in fact improve so much that many good breeders claim that we have fine cows born here of the Jersey breed that are superior to the majority of those in the Channel Islands. Bennett, in his work on the Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society of London, published some years since, drew attention to ofi'ered as premiums by the Zoological Society was to the breeder of the greatest number of curassows for that year. The business has, in fact, grown into a great and flourishing trade, requiring millions of dollars for its prosecution. It is refreshing to read in the preface that the author addresses his book to the veterinarian, as well as to the physician and the laboratory worker. - from the numerous cases of this adipose growth of the rectum which have been reported it can not be considered rare. There was but little abdominal tenderness except in the left iliac region, where a tumor, apparently of about the size of a small apple, could be felt beneath the abdominal wall. The basket of hot beans is emptied on the straw; the projecting ends are doubled over the beans, and the whole is pushed into the hoop. Its upper part is soft and diffluent, while the lower portion is more solid, and presents one or two white nodules in its substance.


The recent splendid achievement of Sir Herbert Kitchener in the Soudan shows what can be done by a military scientist. They were carried up to seven minims without obtaining the expected reaction. But what are" Law" and" Divinity," or the professions so called at the present time, that the body of doctrine, or weight of character they have respectively secured, should be more authoritative than those of medicine, compared with which both these.professions are mere parvenues in the world of science.

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