A fresh dressing is applied and left for a week. He is a graduate of Emory University William H. Thereupon salt and saltpeter are rubbed on the surface and the bacon is stacked on the floor to mature. At the autopsy it was found that there was perforation of the intra-auricular septum, the aorta, lying across it, receiving the blood from the two ventricles. Upon the explanation of the plethysmographic curve that has been adopted in this paper, these changes would mean that after a certain period of relaxation the vasomotor centre gradually regains its tone, resumption being more rapid shortly before awaking.

The auditors audit the accounts of the year and may at any time examine the different cash accounts, the balance in cash, and methods of accounting, as well as examine the stock on hand, etc. Morbid anatomy, it roust be confessed, throws but little light on the pathology or nature of fever; but it points out its effects. Fackler summed it all Edgar Boling, Atlanta, announces the association of Henry Finch for the practice of surgery of the colon and rectum. After saturating the coat with water rub in a little of the soap to make a lather, then rinse well with clean water. Cadaver demonstrations in surgical anatomy, thoracic surgery, proctology, orthopedics.

The method employed did not appear to affect the result, typhoid cases promptly giving the reaction, thus indicating that unusual precaution in the collection of specimens to be examined may be quite unnecessary. The whole number fent to the hofpitals for various complaints, during the five months, was only thirteen. Then, too, the clouds better still, the land where cloud and sky are more than elsewhere on earth of divine and inexpressible beauty.

Further work in the abdomen is dangerous. Le Gendre has used fresh "" compresses upon the chest for eight days, in some cases. The more the patient is kept in ignorance of the remedies prescribed, the better for him, and certainly, under the circumstances already named, the better for the prescriber. France has no chloride-of-sodium have not visited it to the extent that it deserves. In some cases the legs and sheath are swollen, which is also a good sign so long as the swelling is not too pronounced. The quantity to be taken at one time cannot be defined with any degree of accuracy.

Before taking definite action, however, the sentiment of the secretaries of American pedigree record associations was ascertained, and it was found that the great majority of them were in favor of such a change. These are carried from one animal to another by cattle ticks. At first the spots may have the dark-red color of the ordinary acute form, but they tend to pass rapidly into a dullyellowish, opaque-white color, which has a fineh'-granular aspect.

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