There is no mesenchyme between it and the otic plate. The sputum after being properly treated is put under the microscope, the bacilli found and the diagnosis made while the disease is in its early stage, when, if ever, medicine or change of With the improved stethoscope wc study the normal heart, lungs and great vessels and are enabled to detect.almost the slightest pathological condition. As aspirin they are useful for their analgesic properties. We should never interfere without good reason. It may be interesting to know what has been done in the State. The wounds were closed "" with three or four continued superficial catgut sutures, including the peritoneal and muscular coats only. They are partly from original photographs and from drawings by R. MacLeish moved that the society petition the City Council to abolish the system of dealing with the disposal of garbage and the cleaning of the streets by means of contract, establish a department of city cleaning and itself dispose of the city refuse according to the recommendation of the Board of Health and to Los Angeles, was reinstated as an active member. Rectal mucous membrane was smooth.

He does, however, drink inordinately of coffee.

It is of these and the principles of their employment that I would say a few words to-day, believing that the subject of tissue-therapy and serum-therapy is It was undoubtedly a great advance in scientific medicine when the chemists her gan to isolate the active principles qf vegetable drugs. SULTAN DRUG CO., St Louis ami London. Yet to the surgeon these cases are no offset to the hundreds of cases of fatal attacks which happen every year, all of which were failures of nature, because of the overpowering infection, and almost every one of which could have been saved by a very early operative procedure. - koch, for example, could produce cholera in the duodenum alone.

The temperature became normal within a few days and the patient got up feeling pretty well. Before an examination into the possible causes of ascites, we assure ourselves that no condition exists which can be confounded with fluid in tlie peritoneum.

The weight of this argument has been felt, and in two or three jurisdictions, notably in Indiana, the courts have held that a physician could not be required to give expert testimony without additional compensation. In order to ascertain if there were good and sufficient reasons why it should be retained, the Bureau entered upon a correspondence with the editors of the journal, but failed to get any satisfactory information as to the position of the journal in relation to homoeopathy, nor were any statistics furnished. The cotton covering has a double purpose; it disinfects a previously infected instrument, and what is more, keeps a sterile instrument from external contamination. Common, also, were nystagmus, sluggish reaction of pupils, signs suggesting a meningitis such as stiffness of the neck muscles, epileptiform attacks, pain in head and neck, and fever, tremor, and ataxy.

The first half of the present year has been pregnant with events. As an intestinal antiseptic we have nothing better than salol. In Gibson's case the blood contained methemoglobin and also considerable amounts of nitrites. The degree of acidity of different portions of the gastric contents must, therefore, vary widely. The distrust and friction between the practitioner and the medical officer of health, which were predicted, have not appeared; the concealment of disease which was to have followed has not occurred; the sacred confidence between patient and doc tor, which was to have been destroyed with most disastrous results, remains inviolate.

Even if the case be one of a frank neurosis, the writers believe that it is still necessary to be very complete in the examination of the patient, because it is necessary to convince not only the examiner but also the A very detailed and searching history is necessary to determine the symptoms and diagnosis, and to ascertain the possible cause or causes of the neurosis, that is, the precipitating factors outlined above. There is, indeed, enough material in the comprehensive study of pathology to constitute in itself a lifework.