Hutchinson, Coplin, and Bevan recommend highly the use of morphin to control the convulsions of heat-stroke. The mental condition is affected, and there are usually great apathy and diffidence (perhaps explicable by their changed appearance), loss of memory, and even, in some cases, imbecility.

Whether on shore or afloat, be considered senior in rank and precedence to officers placed under their command. We had the opportunity of hearing the Institutes of Medicine, that on Materia Medica by the Professor of Materia Medica, that on Surgery by the Professor of Sui-gery, that on Medicine by the Professor of Medicine, that on Midwifery by the Professor of Midwifery, and that on Medical Jurisprudence by the Professor of Medical Jurisprudence. In the second the right internal caro tid was tied and the bleedim; checked entirely, tho patient dying two months after from tubercidosis of the lungs. As far as we were able to judge, none of the local symptoms afforded any evidence of an infl.iramatory process which is very common in scurvy. There was desquamation of the skin of the feet and legs. Third edition, revised and improved. In the three cases in which death re-ulted from peritonitis, the inflammation had preceded the operation, as shown by the state of the intestine and peritoneal effusion at the time of the operation; indeed, the state of the parts led to great doubt as to the accuracy of the duration of the incarceration prior to admission into hospital. Xanthopsia or yellow vision, spasms, and even convulsions, and saffron-colored urine may follow the use of santonin in cases of idiosyncrasy or overdose of the drug. A further consideration, possessing also considerable practical importance, is the fact, that in cases not bled it was found that there existed, throughout the greater part of the attack, a danger that a fresh accession of fever, and a rapid advance to hepatization, might not only suddenly occur, but do so at a period of the disease when good results from bloodletting, if it should then be employed, were but little likely to be obtained. It affects the fore-feet principally, but is seen occasionally in the hind-feet, where it is of less importance for the reason that the hind-foot strikes the ground with the toe, and, consequently, less expansion of the heel is necessary than in the forefeet where the weight is first received on the heels, and any interference with the expansibility of this part of the foot interferes with locomotion Usually but one foot is affected at a time, but when both are diseased the change is greater in one than in the other. I spoke of the connective tissue of the thigh, and I find in an article by Heuter, from whom I have just quoted, that we may consider the suppuration of the parotid gland as one of the rare features in the first form of as a symptom of pyaemia than of septicaemia.

On holidays the Jewish maidens were attired in woolen garments made from the finest, softest wool.

Name several drugs that render www.distrimed.com/conseils/ the urine alkaline; give their indications, doses, and methods of administration.


The majority of cases occur between twenty and thirty years of age, though the condition may occur in children. Some improvement has since occurred, but nine months later she entered the hospital with her lietid twisted downwards on to the right shoulder, so that the axis of the face made an angle of twenty-five degrees with the axis of the rotation of the spine in the cervical region. Circumstances may, at times, make it imperative that shoes shall be worn which are not free from objections, as, for instance, the shoe with a high calk; but in such cases it is considered that the in j uries liable to result from the use of calks are less serious than those which are sure to happen for the want of them. Very rarely a resistant, illdefined mass, corresponding with the seat of greatest pain, can be felt.

What has been done, however, is no good reason for not doing more, and we are glad to say that one Boston Society, that for Medical Improvement, has voted to contriliule fifty dollars to the Index the coming year.

They are accompanied by severe itching, especially at night. This is strong language, but I think the case calls for it, because the evil is patent and great, and the remedy Time should be allowed the student to acquire a general knowledge of anatomy, especially of histology and the structure and relations of the soft parts, before to have a little knowledge of pathology before'beginning with pathological clicmistry. In accomplishing ihistheauihor has spared no pains in rendering it a complete exponent of alt that is new and reliable, both in the departments of Therapeutics and Materia Mediea.

It is considered by him to be caused by the sudden circulatory changes following an independent existence, which lead to minute haemorrhages into the intestinal canal.

By consulting, I would wish to be understood, that I imply, with sufficient attention; with attention and intent, to collect the pabulum and leave the chaff. Kinsman, the secretary was directed to forward transcripts of these THE AMERICAN PRACTITTQNER AND NEWS. I have only to complain of their bulk and Now, these doctrines must not be considered as entirely novel. The President has passed a quiet night, and this morning his condition does not differ materially from what it was yesterday relish.

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