Wilkinson has reported a case of congenital cancer, and Wiederhoffer has seen several such cases. They must be supplied with pure air or led around in the open.

They stimulate healthy action by attracting oxygen to the part. A private hospital, delightfully situated, bright, well ventilated, amid attractive and Surgeon in Charge. Ansel has appointed the following ville.

The number of bronchi involved may be moderate, and then a section of the lung will look as if it were studded with fibrous nodules. The three principal causes of death were bronchial croup, nephritis with uremic poisoning, and respiratory or cardiac paralysis, or both combined. Later an- l peroxide, and with that of recognized radio- clotted almost immediately and, therefore,, active suostances. Disturbance of the catanemia, dyspareunia, ovaritis, leucorrhcea, subinvolution, grave mental disturbances, and, above all, epithelioma. " It was not until we were actually ashore at Port Said that we felt safe (it had been a very stormy and uncomfortable jiassage from asked to visit another sacred site." The other side to the (juestion is, however, fully recognized by a passage in the tuMiiiieiitiMg on the genuineness of the place, ho writes: tiiihappy-looking, crept through the small door on her knees and after kissing tho stone that covered the tomb but content. As heat-regulation is largely influenced by the cutaneous temperature, it is not improbable that in man heat stimulation of the skin is less prominent than the warmed blood acting upon the respiratory centers in increasing the frequency of respiration in fever. Each fluid-drachm contains one grain Yalerianate of Iron. Small swellings disappear on the application of warm compresses and massage. To prevent the slio(dv of the operation it is often n(!C(!ssary to cases it may have to be repeated at long intervals, but in the great majority tlu; smaller the amount of opiates the better. Subcutaneous injections produced no result. The abortive treatment by calomel is still regarded with favor, and this is the only treatment which can be considered etiological or causal. There was no pus in the tubes. We now know, from the inability cent.) shows clearly the futility of our of the micro-organism to exist for long means for its prevention or cure.

In many of my experiments the rabbits were freely supplied with food and water, and still the loss of weight was very noticeable. Beyond an expression of opinion, hia only arguments against our interpretation of the"model case" of the bloating of the face and the iasensibilily of the pupils demonstrated that narcosis or poisoning of tlic brain with venous blood had already taken place." To estimate the force of this objection wa will set beside it two of the propositions iu which Dr. The incision was made through the rigli upper'rc.-'t us, but as soon as the peritoneum was exposed it w.i clear from the dark discoloration Vneath it that a oridont It tho blood was passing upwards and forwanls roin iilinoly closed in layers as qnicklv ns possilile iiu. At the same time, there was much that was puzzling in their morphology and in their distribution in the tissue-cells; for instance, Negri bodies were chiefly found in the grey matter of the coruu Ammonis and the cerebrum and in Piirkinje's cells of the cerebellum, while they were found to be scanty or absent in other parts of the nervous system which experiment had shown to contain the virus of rabies in concentrated form.

Thus we see that in the aggregate lepra has existed to a considerable extent in this country during the past twenty years, and, without going into a careful calculation, I think we can safely put the number of cases at one hundred and fifty, without counting twice those cases reported by two different observers. Horse serum has been used almost exclusively in the various inoculations that have been made in man on account of its comparative lack of such to:;ic qualities.

A beautiful tract of thirty-six Rabies is not a hot weather disease, as acres, a considerable portion of which is in to a few years ago.

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