When the operations are of the latter character, they are invariably more frequent during the exacerbations, at which time they are also smaller in quantity, attended with griping, and considerable soreness of the abdomen. There were evidences in all organs of a high blood pressure, and a perfect picture of Texas fever. Gynecological clinic day after day and month after month and attempted to watch how sacro-pnbic hernia comes about.

The fluid from the tenosynovitis was sero-purulent, but free from Weekly Abstract of Sanitary Reports, Issued by the Supervising Surgeon-General, This volume, in the form and dimensions it has obtained, is one of the witnesses, now all too many, of the lavish extravagance to which our Government has drifted. Pamphlet giving outline of treatment and references from VMtbu; Pbnidaa to Btfcraa HocplMl; Prolm"The eleventh edition of this voloma seemed neceseafy to make it a more complete guide to the student of Physical Diagnosis. About January, anasarca of the legs, and rapid loss of strength ( As might have been anticipated, they very abandoned by surgeons, but it is discountenanced in every standard work on surgery, and represented to be tedious, painful, and doubtful, and uncertain in the compression is employed now (for the cure of aneurism) the obliteration of the necessary is not even so great as completely to check the current through the artery leading to the sac; neither is pressure applied to the aneurismal tumour itself, either of which proceedings would necessarily occasion so much pain that few patients would be found wilting to submit to it; and the latter would probably do much more harm than good, and might occasion the i-upture of the sac and the conversion of a circumscribed into a diffused aneurism. Animals are not protected by the vaccine during the first few days following the bile injection. Because the most serious effects are delayed, we cannot expect to know now what troubles can be sure that the problem will not stand still while we study it, and that air pollution will increase unless we take vigorous steps to stop the trend. The profession seems to have made up its mind that nonprofessionalism as to the eye does not count. In this connection I would say that" practice makes perfect." After this titration, which gives the quantity of free HCI. So with the digestive apparatus: food which before was only taken irregularly and in small quantities, was now called for and relished, and in turn gave strength and tone to the general system, so that the exertion necessitated by the requirements of a busy life, which, while the individual was under the influence of alcohol, was performed with difficulty, was now accomplished with comparative ease. The tumor contains a very delicate connective- tissue stroma usually accompanying and supporting a very rich vascular supply. She had full control of sphincters. Epidemiologic studies have not yet demonstrated conclusively that urban air pollution causes chronic lung disease, but the evidence points in that direction.

Caution must be observed in carrying radium about the person. This continued anywhere from one-half an hour to an hour after a meal, and was accompanied by a renewal of pleasant taste and by a certain desire to continue chewing the regurgitated food. As control experiments, extracts were prepared from the parotid glands and testicles of normal cats, and injected into three healthy cats in doses equal to those previously used.

The laboratory is supported by a special appropriation from the State. The present fashionable study at Edinburgh is Chemistry, particularly including Mineralogy, which conducts to enlarged views of Geology. The bowels were carefully regulated and the diet restricted. Tyson attempted dilation with all sorts of tubes, but without much success.


A patient should not be sent away from home in a day or two following hemorrhage. A diagnosis was made by smear, and information telephoned to the physician within an hour that the case was diphtheric.