Action should be prompt, and each step should be taken with a definite object in view. The frequent appearance of blood in the urine, which usually has its cause in purely mechanical lesions of the mucous membrane, is a characteristic symptom of pyelitis calculosa.

The probability is that there has been a similar decline in the two or three remaining private schools. More chance for infections arose in the consumer's household, where the recommendation to cook raw milk for a short time was probably not heeded because of tlie scarcity of fuel and the increased amount of work falling upon mothers during the war. The secretion is readily modified by irritation and inflammation following the operation of making the fistula. What a large lacuna would be created in English literature by the removal from it of the work of such men as Dean Swift, Goldsmith, Burke, Sheridan, and Moore! It is not so generally known, however, that if the work of the distinguished Irish physicians and surgeons of the last century were to be blotted out of English medical literature there would be left quite as striking and as wide a gap.

As she looked"in extremis," we passed it up as usual. - the capsules then are either enlarged and studded with caseous tubercular new growths, or they are in part cicatricially contracted. It is a mistake to fight too strenuously against the languor induced by the voyage and to take advantage, as so many profesional and business men do, of the freedom from responsibility, to go upon a protracted spree. It is increased in polycythemia, diabetes mellitus, icterus, and usually in pneumonia. Theobromin and its preparations, such as diuretin, have no action on the vasomotor center, and are thus preferable to eaffein. In neither of the volumes, however, is there any mention of percussion, or of Auenbrugger's work, though if Van Swieten had given any serious attention to the subject, he must have become convinced how valuable Auenbrugger's invention was in the diagnosis This omission is all the more surprising as Auenbrugger was a pupil of Van Swieten's and practically dedicated his Inventum Novum to his master.

Physicians in Los Angeles and vicinity who place their patients in this institution, can attend them personally, and receive every courtesy.

He Veated the medical reserve corps of in time of warlin which many distinguished physicians and surleons of the country have sought enrollment. Years of age, whose previous history showed that, though he tired easily when walking quickly, he had always enjoyed good health. Jaundice is frequently observed, but it is always referable to some complication. The number of auxiliary sciences is so great, the methods of investigation are so complicated, the problems so difficult, the subject matter so delicate, that it can easily be understood why investigators confine themselves to one or but few of its many special branches. She had had a slight haimoptysis six years before, and subsequently had been gubjcct to a slight cough, but there had been no notable diminution in weight, and she had always considered scribed as hard and semi-transparent; there was no aggregation of tuberculous matter into masses, and there were no cavities. Also if detachment of the auricle has to be made or instruments used, surely the REPORT OF TWO CASES OF CATARACT WITH THE Case I. Jenner was not only humble in all that concerned this, the greatest incident of his life (the successful discovery of vaccination); he continued so after success had crowned his labors, and after applause greater than most men can bear had been bestowed upon him. L was in these wards where cases were so minutely studied by the foremost men of the medical profession, where symptoms were traced to pathological findings, where methods of diagnosis were discovered for the It became long ago apparent that these buildings had become inadequate for their purpose; the hospital lacked space, hygienic construction, sanitary provisions; the facilities for teaching became insufficient, and accommodations for the great number It did not take long for the government to decide upon building a new institution, but it took several years of preparation before the foundations could be laid upon a plot of land adjoining the old square metres at the cost of some seventeen and a half million kronen. And he might have added, with equal truth, that such errors will never be corrected until our women spend more time learning to conduct a house, and less screeching,"Drink to me only There are two ways of treating infantile syphilis, a right way and a wrong way. These are found on subjecting to microscopical examination scraping from the cut surfaces of cancerous tumors, or the milky liquid known aa the cancer juice, which exudes when thcjse tumors are incised. In the centre of the front quadrangle stood the brass statue pursuance of the will of Charles Joye, some time treasurer of the Hospital. In children a large proportion of diseased joints is tubercular; in adults the non-tubercular predominate.

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