But we can clear away temporarily the inflammatory products, and so give free drainage to the tract for the time being. If, therefore, the opening be made by the hysterotome, it should uterine cavity, and frequently so, with warm water, to prevent fcetid accumulations. He had not very long ago a very bad case of compound fracture under his care. He had to change his sleeping clothes once or even twice every night on account of the drenching sweats. Diday's great merit as an original and scientific observer of nature; but it is probable, from the considerations already adduced, that the profession wiU not lie jirepared to admit at pre.sent that there is anything like a clear distinction of constitutional syphilitic affections into two classes.

Idiots and imbeciles and hysterical persons may also swallow foreign bodies. In short, any long-continued exercise, having a direct tendency to fatigue, or unduly exhaust the pupil, should be avoided by the young athlete. His treatment has been merely tonic.

It is generally scattered on the trunk of the body, but sometimes on the cheek and forehead. Martin looks upon as absolutely necessary as a The sanitary condition of European troops is seriously affected, also, by intemperance. He thought the operation should be confined to severe and otherwise hopeless cases of alveolar abscess; for such case?, although not entirely to be depended Vork) said he only performed the operation in cases which had resisted other treatment.

It may be said that, after one or two such ebbs and flows in the tide of opinion, we should gradually settle down to a rightful appreciation of the value of our materia medica. We ventured lately on a slight sketch of the modern medical student as he is, not as he has been misrepresented, nor yet perhaps as he ought to be, could he be perfect. Malaria is not uniformly distributed throughout this vast area. That the ship itself may generate the disease has been proved a host of times, and that those going on board such ships may contract a similar form of fever is equally certain.

; Ruge and Planer's account of the gases of the intestines are referred to; osmosis is described; etc. The author had studied these conditions in fifteen opportunities of examining most of which he had been indebted to the kindness of Mi'. When it is mixed with other matters, pass a stream of sulphuretted hydrogen through the mixture, boil it, saturate with potassa, add mucilage of starch, filter, add nitric acid, and the color will indicate iodine. He had never said that bad smells were good things.

There was a time when this disease was as destructive to saUoi-s both of the Royal and merchant services as the first ten months, nearly two-thirds of his whole force, and during the remaining period about half the survivors.

The floor of the active dysenteric ulcer may be, and generally is, formed of a sloughy material lying on the muscular coat; but the sore may penetrate deeper than this, and include the muscular coat itself, and even the serous membrane.

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