As the profits made by these.schools were jtroportional to the enrollment of students, the rivalries for students often became intense and at times spilled over into personal feutls. The section on induction of general anesthesia is one of the best chapter on mortality, as always, makes interesting reading while the lesson and the challenge are obviously clear. Computers are forcing doctors to pay more attention to the precision with which they use words, the logic of their sentence construction and the rationale behind the preparation of case records. Patterson, As printed and distributed, it was VOTED to approve the combined minutes of the meetings of It was VOTED to approve application for Life Membership received from the following eligible Walter J. The same may be said of the affection of the respiratory system. Their excrement contains large quantities of bacilli, which may be destructive to human beings. Empyema occurs as a sequel to infection from the lung in the great majority of cases, but it may arise from primary infection of the pleura. However, in fevers of short duration, such as measles or diphtheria, five or six decinems will be sufficient to keep up the body weight and can be increased to optimum when the disease is over. The others are likely to be called upon for frequent absences.

Cocaine diplopia, however, is very ephemeral. This is then converted to an octapeptide angiotensin II w'hich is both a highly effective pressor agent more,so than norepinephrin, but it is also a major stimulus to the secretion of aldosterone even at sub-pressor levels. It is noteworthy that in emphysema these open spaces are surrounded by thin walls which readily collapse, whereas the sacculations of saccular bronchiectasis are surrounded by areas of thickening and inflammatory change. It was not tender, nor was the skin over it reddened or discolored. Exposure to an electric arc, if exceptionally long, is followed by a condition similar in every respect to that of sunstroke, which has been characterized as an electric sunstroke.

Morphological changes after extracapsular cataract extraction with implantation of posterior chamber lenses. They are under the joint control of the War Office and the Pensions Ministry. Yet these are the concerns and the interests who are already well into physiologic and psychological puberty. It ha.s, moreover, the incontestable advantage of being a muscular aliment of the first rank, combating and at the same time preventing fatigue.

Arbuthnot" was a fine fellow"; Xavier Bichat"grand." His eye was peculiarly quick at any omission, technical errors, or accidentals in literature, and I was grateful to him for many critical notes which he was good enough to send me spontaneously. In general they proved quite able to make good use of this kind of knowledge, as well. Whether our patient will, in the course of time, be again in a condition to read ordinary type is a matter of uncertainty. His Excellency Luigi Luzzatti, Professor of Constitutional Law in the University of Rome; Secretary of the GoTARO Ogawa, Professor of Finance at the University Sir George Paish, Joint Editor of The Statist, London.

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