By the use of a saw, the plantar flap being retracted, a perpendicular section of the os calcis is then made in front of the tuberosities.

The influence of varying barometric pressures usually finds an expression in the temperature. That many persons may be tainted with scrofula, and nevertheless be free from those external signs which are usually considered to indicate the tendency, is unquestionable; but,"generally, if the scrofulous diathesis is at all strongly marked, its evidences are sufficiently apparent, and often strikingly so. The draining or recurring haemorrhage, the expulsion of clots, the offensive nature of the discharge, and the constitutional effects consequent upon the presence of a portion of the placenta in the uterus, demand at first the same means as other states of the disease; but afterward, and particularly when serious constitutional symptoms supervene, indicating a remarkable diminution, and marked vitiation of the vital current, additional or other remedies should be employed.

Dormant pituitary glands are rudely awakened by hypothalamic releasing factors virtually unknown a decade ago and now synthesized and supplied by modern chemists.

They develop either slowly or suddenly into one of the most painful affections that exist. With the knowledge gained from these books we know he will become a success in his chosen field of chest diseases. Acute nephritis with hsematuria is sometimes observed.

In consequence on cross section an onionlike concentric lamination of the cells is apparent, with the cells bent in crescentic manner and applied upon each other like flat Microscopic section of a sqiiainons epithelioma of urinary lilaclder of cow (low power). This double process"appears recently to have been put into execution with very considerable success, under the patent of M. Then too the acid gastric and small intestinal juice, as well as the bile, the comparatively rapid passage of the chyme through the small intestine and the discharge of large quantities of microorganisms periodically with the dejecta from the large bowel in regular Ir conditions which interfere with the normal passage of the chvme through the intestinal tract, as in stagnation of the intestinal contents from obstruction, strictures, etc., or where the epithelium of the mucous membrane has undergone changes (degeneration, necrosis, desquamation), even the ordinary intestinal bacteria are capable of causing harm; and this is obviously possible where other types of microphytes having special toxic properties are introduced, these perhaps causing epithelial necroses or their toxic products being absorbed.

In senile canities, however, the scalp seldom participates in the loss of colour. _ In eight cases of ligature of the carotid and subclavian for innominate aneurism in which catgut was used" death was caused by the operation in only one, and other successes have been since reported. Post-mortem, extensive malignant ulceration was found, seven inches and a half below the thyroid cartilage.


Pustules may also appear in the progress of glanders, with gangrene of the external parts of the face, and tumours with swelling of the extremities, the disease being thus associated with farcy, which is a modification form of small tumours about the legs, lips, face, neck, or other parts of the body; these tumours vary in size, and in the rapidity of their progress to ulceration. They may be applied by means of a glass rod or a clean splinter of wood, and the surrounding integument should be protected by previously smearing it with oil or some other fatty substance. JSTow, while cantharides will most likely produce genital erethrism in the male, there is no positive case on record where it has produced this effect in the female; I will admit that it is barely possible that such might occur. The floors, walls (papered or not) should be washed with a disinfecting solution. In any case of suppressed menstruation, medical attendance should be procured if possible, but especially so in the lastmentioned form, when the secretion ceases without any appreciable cause, and the constitutional powers seem to be impaired. In some instances good results have been produced, but the hopes which at first were held, that it might prove a specific in this malady, have been blasted, probably because all cases of Addison's disease are not due to the same cause.

It may be contended that the evil is an artificial one, engendered by artificial life. The purified fat of the wool of sheep ( Oiis AHes L.

It depends on the fact that a solution of hypochlorite will decompose urea, and liberate its nitrogen in the free state.

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