And still the misunderstandings, the misrepresentations, the criticisms, even the ridicule continue. Tumor rounded in form, occupies the space from the right renal region forward to linea semilunaris, and vertically from lower margin of liver to line of anterior superior spinous process. Louis Hospital in Paris, the past summer, a wax model of a lypifal lesion in the arm of a child, which bad been produced by inoculation; and Dr. Dr Hyde Salter said a point had been overlooked, but on which it was not possible for the committee to have investigated in so short a time as they had taken for their report. This tlieory was eventually abandoned for what is now known as the" stop-cock theorj'." which makes both heart and arteries hypertrophied in a constant antagonistic struggle, the heart laboring to force into the tissues blood poisoned by waste elements which the kidneys, being diseased, have failed to eliminate, the arteries contracting preternaturally in the endeavor to shut the blood out of the tissues. Her whole energies here seem to be directed to ultimately bring the foetus into a longitudinal position, and the obstetrician but imitates this when by art he brings either the cranial or the pelvic extremity of the foetus to take the place of the presenting part in a cross presentation. Hence it often escapes detection until it has completed its course. In the diffuse suppuration, the pus forms an evident collection of fluid more or less widely separating the layers and upraising the skiti; but in the ulceration, the separated layers remain in contact, or with only a little fluid between them.

It was surprising that after so long a time there were no signs of tuberculosis elsewhere. By general peritonitis he means the general peritonitis, in which the upper abdomen was invohed, onlv i have been saved if operation in an eeirUer stage had been possible. If the individual survives, all of these changes will disappear.

A careful inquiry into the history of the case elicited the fact that the disease had oeen communicated by Eustachian At the hospital Saint Louis another instance was noticed of syphilitic eruption due to the same cause, and M. Such an injury may vary from th perficial carbolic burn to an actual tensive tissue destruction and call for radical surgical interference. Jr., Baltimore, is chairman of the committee on publicity and publications. Shortly after Mr Miller's arrival the mass now exhibited to the Society was expelled. Personally, I have found that a moderately thick catgut applied by means of round needles has usually answered if the ligatures were not drawn so tight as to cut through, and only occasionally have I used the elastic magnesium, of which one is placed on each side of the wound and sutures passed through the holes and drawn fairly tight. Of the workers who were actively engaged in defining the distinctions between typhus and typhoid fevers three only, so Philadelphia and Jenner of London. Watson judiciously remarks,"with regard to the contraction of the large intestine in these cases, we must not be two ready to attribute it to spasm, for the bowel, when empty, is apt to be contracted." Andral details six cases in which no such contractions were found. The amount of mutilation, the consequent derangement of the circulation, and all the risks depending on these conditions, are at least as great relatively in the boy as in the adult. Indiarubber catheter, with a very pliable, soft copper wire as stilette, bent upon itself at its extremity to obviate the risk of any injury to the mucous membrane:

Mills' work on the physiology of the chelonian heart. The results should serve as a guide for anti-malaria work in Palestine, In addition it has done intensive work in a few of the settlements in Upper and Lower Galilee where by removal of stagnant water, drainage and petrolization. Let me quite frankly and emphatically state that it did not originate with the late President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, how"ever much you may have heard this statement; nor did it originate w ith left-wing social workers who w ere unconsciously or consciously fellow travellers; nor did it orginate from a weakening of the moral fabric of the population that made men generally demand something for nothing. Fenwick, on suspicion of having stone in pubes, slight and hmited in area, increased on lying down. Budd suggests, the gastric fluid is secreted in the empty stomach, and is prepared to dissolve the morsel for which it has suggested the or sugar, and prescribe alkalies. Thus far the great majority of contributions of pathological material to our museum have been made hy army medical officers: but some of the most valuable specimens have come from practitioners in civil life, and it is to these last that we must appeal for illustrations of the effects of disease in all parts of the country. The blood picture showed nothing significant except for a slight fall in the leucocytosis.

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