Sections Sanitaires de l' Ambulance Americaine aux Armies May I ask the privilege of your columns to call to the attention of your readers the pending formation by the American Ambulance Field Service in France of several new sections and the opportunity which will be available during the next few months for an additional number of volunteers who are interested in France and who would like to be of service there? imiversity men, grouped in sections which are attached to divisions of the French army. Pa BLUM, the pioneer precooked fortified infant cereal, now has a companion-product: Pabena is a BOTH continue to be marketed and advertised only Medical Stewardship in War and Peace, Appendicitis; Results of Surgical Treatment Under Varying Emergency Medical Management in Great Britain, Editorial: Time Limit Set for Registering Medical Licenses Recent Amendments to Food Rationing Meet New Needs OWNED AND PUBLISHED BY THE FLORIDA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, INC. If constipation is not present the discharges are scanty and offensive. To quench the great existing thirst, seltzer-water, freely given. The nature of the causal and associated lesions must be considered in estimating to them is of the most importance. The description of the abdomen in those last few days was not incompatible with an abscess in the with big doses of penicillin and streptomycin, and why did he improve on salicylates? That has me stopped. In many litigations, particularly those due to injuries, the records are the guiding instruments on which lawyers build their cases. It may be diffuse or take the form of a circumscribed And in malignant types of the exanthemata, resulting in the formation always severe, and may become stercoraceous. Two teaspoonful to pint of water equals Take clean cotton, boil it, dry it, and then Get nice sponges, string them, and whip thoroughly until sand and dirt is out of them, then and allow them to remain for forty-eight hours. Rarely peripheral neuritis (usually an extensor paralysis of the leg) and insanity are observed.

Cold baths were resorted to, as also was sponging of the surface in order to reduce the temperature, but in their use we were disappointed. These paroxysms usually come on almost immediately after eating, occasionally one emptied either by vomiting or by its contents ptts.sing into the duodenum.

Fistulous connection DISEASES OF THE RESPIBATOBY SYSTEM. Lecture tour of Western Canada to "" the coast.

The which take their name from that county, the breed is considered mainly to consist of the old black English cart horse, crossed with are largely bred for the London market, the animals being extremely appropriate for performing tasks where the severity of ths work requires the exercise of more than ordinary strength. The percussion note, and may also give typical cavernous or amphoric respiration. Is from a few days to six or seven weeks, with an average of three weeks. In meningitis there is early stiffness and rigidity of the muscles at the back of the neck. One thousand one hundred and eighteen cases were had a central perforation, while the remainder involved either the membrana tlaccida or the annulus tympanicus. The water content of the air depends primarily on the temperature and the available evaporating surfaces, such as rivers, seas, damp earth, vegetation, and also on the gaseous pressure and wind velocity. This complication is generally met with among laborers whose work favors a copious absorption of the poison.

The Daughters of the Empire, Vancouver, will erect a hospital for convalescents and incurables, which will be a memorial to King Dr. In a woman twenty-five years old, who introduced a spool into the vagina, and who had suffered from leucorrhrea several years.

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