The illness is of a grave character; but all the hopes and the wishes of the profession will attend this venerable and much beloved physician in his progress towards a much desired convalescence. If the case is seen before the inflammation and exudation has progressed far, the process may be more easily stopped, as the necessary point is to gain control of circulation, which may be readily accomplished through nerves and vessels as already explained. But there is nothing to our apprehension, in the structure or ordinary functions of the hybernating viviparous quadrupeds, which can throw light on this subject. In the quantity of a grain night and morning, a dose I continued to repeat, till soreness of the gums, fetor of the breath, and a slight increase of saliva occurred.

The only naval' V- A second opnalion had to lie uidenakcn on. Cases are reported in quite young individuals, chronic valvular diseases or adherent pericardium." The a favourite period for the onset of true angina, that some have suggested that it might deservedly be designated the With regard to the nationality of angina pectoris, my patient was on the side of the majority. Of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, September, poisoning. The splenic and superior mesenteric veins unite to form the portal vein. R.) Ueber den inneren Ban der bchnecko des Ohis nl -Voltolini. If the latter precaution be aeglected, disease is very liable to recur in the scar or flaps. Likewise one must concede the possibility of lesion to the central end of the vagus nerve, cutting off the normal impulses through the nerve which contract the gall-bladder and relax the sphincter of the common duct, thus allowing of a lack of normal contraction of the bladder and opening of the duct; in other words, favoring a sluggish condition of the biliary apparatus leading to retention and stagnation of bile, thus to cholelithiasis. Here it need only be said that jaundice is more than a mere pigmentation; accompanying this are cerebral symptoms, slowed pulse, itching of the skin, lowered coagulating power of the blood, with tendency to hemorrhages. At the best they can benefit the local lesion alone, and that but temporarily, and only in the earlier stages of the leprous neuritis before the nerve has undergone fibrous In the case of leprous nodules spreading on to the cornea and threatening to interfere with the line of vision, Brockmann has shown that the extension of the leproma may be arrested by division of the cornea on the pupillary side of the lesion; it is found that the bacilli do not traverse the cicatrix. In the upper extremities it is of comparatively little value, but in the lower extremities It is frequently essential. The alkaline vegetable salts which fresh fruits contain, become decomposed into carbonates which pass oft with the urine, and take with them some of the nitrogenous matter which exists as aibris, which would, if left there, form lithic acid and its allies. His hearing, sight, and CRAIG: SPINAL CORD IN WARFARE. La doctrine rdalistc et la doctrine Elsasser (C. In the first class of cases, i.e., in those arising from the presence of some material in excess absorbed from the intestinalcanal or elsewhere, it is our duty to take care that the pa'ient abstains from taking those articles of diet and alcohol which are known be hurtful.

Collins, Col., sustained a severe injury while attending to his left temple, which resulted in partial paralysis of one side of his The United States Civil Service Commission announces an list printed by the Commission, to secure eligibles from which to make certification to fill vacancies as they may occur in the position of veterinarian, in the Philippine Service, at an entrance field expenses when absent on duty from their permanent stations.

Histoire du sur le choiera-morbus, observe a Paris et dans le Mem. The hyphal threads are large and closely set, but without any cementing substance between them. Correction of the activities of the organ formed by the precipitation of insoluble substances, necessitate operation.

Tbabnoscoiiie; uevT'O-retinite et tubercnles de la cboroide"VTeitere Beobacbtung von Tuberkelu der Cborioidea.. "The conclusion that can belegitimatejy (and therewith their existence) in the augmentation of pulmonary pressure by medullary excitation, whether by dyspncea or by faradisation, is not at all proved, tiut to a great degree disproved; and, until their existence is proved, they must be considered as non-existent. The great danger in using it was Dr. And cholera as it has appeared in the territories suliject to tlie Sec, aho, hi this

Possibly this should be regarded merely as a conception and explanation of premature cell decay. In the result, the antivaccinators proved too strong; and Mr.

The hemiplegias seem more apt to show single high lesion, as of the atlas, but both high and low spinal lesions may be present.

It will be judged, therefore, that, in addition to peripheral neuritis, there is serious disease in the circulatory system, particularly in its innervation; that there is dilatation of the right side of the heart; and that there is a state of relaxed arterial tension. As determined by Schaudinn and Siedlecki and Simond, the coccidium and other members of the order exhibit, like the hemosporidia, a sexual and an asexual cycle, though these occur on the one host.