The treatment was then resumed, and relief was once more obtained, and a continuance of the process during the last fortnight has produced the It is too soon yet to speak of cure, as, of course, the mischief may return on discontinuing the treatment; but, at any rate, the freedom from torture is daily giving the patient strength to meet such an eventuality Meanwhile, and without accepting the patient's extravagant estimate of the remedy, it may fairly be put on record that, in one c ase of a malady usually most difficult to relieve, signal benfit has attended the use of this new and valuable local anesthetic. He says that it did not appear in Florence as in the East, where if any bled at the nose it was a manifest sign of inevitable death, but that in men and women alike there appeared at the beginning of the malady certain swellings either on the groin or under the armpits, some as large as a common apple, others the size of an egg, which were vulgarly called plague-boils. The number of deaths from chloroform used during labor is largely on the increase, and it is beginning to be evident that its popularity at the accouchement bed will share the fate of its popularity in general surgical work at no far distant day. As a rule, several glands upon each side are involved. Does a tube after tracheotomy. I, therefore, ordered twenty grains thrice daily in the confident belief that that or a larger dose would soon prove effective.

We have thought that the best way to assure speedy cooperation is to assign one of the workers, a technician, to do the laboratory work needed by the dispensary on the particular days and hours at which the clinic is held. About a year later a steadily increasing menorrhagia commenced, with leucorrhcea.

On the fifth day temperature was and pulse still high; vulva very cedematous and disposed to slough.

He classes diabetes based on the number of the occurrences." Fry takes a very grave view of the dangers of the complication, and in his review of Duncan's cases, it appears to me, has with some effort made them fit his theories. In this preliminary talk he should be strongly impressed with the fact that the gland, which is damaged, needs, most of all, rest, just as an overworked heart or other organ, and that he can best give it this rest by following our directions and In making up diets for our patients perhaps we cannot do better than keep in mind what have been called the four principles of the diabetic's diet.

The leaves, when brittle enough to break on being bent, are stripped from the plant, dried in the sun, and closely packed into sacks. He gave some very wholesome advice in regard to the course to be pursued. Of injuries received while riding on a bicycle. Both forms are, like many of the others given, so ambiguous as to call for no criticism. Each bed had its own basins, syringes, catheters, etc. Of the Black Death was, as we have found war to be, destructive of moral and religious restraints. He depended largely upon the use of alcohol and opium, seeking their influ Dr. The breathing is shallow and the dyspnea great; percussion and ausculation teach us that the chest contains air, but that, owing to its being more or less stagnant, the blood does not get that perfect aeration which it requires, and consequently we see a dusky complexion, blue extremities, and sometimes a livid countenance. The light should come in over the left shoulder. It likewise promotes stools, urine, and perspiration; and in a word, it communicates the most favourable disposition to the body, not to be too violently impressed and agitated by the operation of an inflammatory poison: and with regard to such children as we have mentioned, for those who are either sanguine or bilious, it is beyond all contradiction, the most effectual preparatory drink. A crime is committed, the plea of insanity is raised, and nothing but the act another individual, to all appearance in the enjoyment of perfect bodily health, is found to be suffering from an affection of the nervous center, and is found to be of unsound mind. Wound healing by first intention in five days.

His advice was to send for an ambulance, and have the case taken to a hospital. Cases followed up in the wards seems to do very well but there is a hesitation on the part of assistants in regard to giving figures, which might naturally cause suspicion. - some, or the majority of patients, as soon as they are better, will return to their old habits and suffer a relapse, and that is the reason why they get worse. There was still an active urethral discharge, and some enlargement of the prostate was also present.

The idea of a State Sanitary Survey is a great conception, but the able Board and intelligent community are bound to make the project a success.

It shows a more thorough working up of the subject than has been done before (to our knowledge, at least), and will doubtless conduce to a better and more scientific treatment of fractures, dislocations and deformities. Nothing will save the patient here but immediate abdominal section.

Very professional job. Thanks again Dave

Thomas King - Shoeburyness