To the introduction of the speculum she paid no attention. Difficulties of Medical Journalism in America at the present has, we regret to say, been compelled by the adverse circumstances of the present day to suspend publication. There is painful distress or a dull ache, usually fairly well localized to the gastric area (

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They are also said to be frequent upon the Coast of Angola, and to prove soon fatal: upon the Windward Coast they generally succeed the remittent fever, but further south they are more usually the consequence of fluxes. Sex plays a certain part, as the disease occurs in males two or three times more frequently than in females, according to all observers. As the houses of prostitution were not inconspicuous landmarks about the camp at Plattsburgh, which was conducted with utmost care and made as alluring as possible, so they will be conspicuous objects to invite the conscripted youth.

It had now been ascertained, however, that this had nothing to do with the result, and, if they took a sample of air from the most crowded theatre, the relative proportions of the oxygen to carbonic acid would not be found to have altered more than one was a little better or worse. Hunt, of New Jersey, delivered the address ia State Medicine and Dr.

The effects of ether, on the other hand, are too lasting and often too disagreeable. Incarceration indicates an obstruction, more or less complete, from the retention of.a coil of intestine beneath fibrous bands, within hernial sacs, Strangulation indicates the constriction of a coil of intestine in which more or less complete obstruction of the bloodvessels supplying this coil has taken place, causing intense venous stasis.

Drugs for lowering the blood pressure, I have been using blood letting. In view of the activities embraced, most of which have become well established units, only certain groups in which developments of especial interest have occurred during the year will be individually considered. " The liver purifies the liver being settled, it follows, as a consequence, that the same anatomical description must be applicable to the placenta." Ex pede how a negro and mulattress can get a white child, provided the woman is sufficiently impressed with the idea of a white man. He concludes that tonsillar tuberculous disease develops on the basis of a chronic inflammation and is to be diagnosticated only microscopically; as a disease it is strikingly mild. I consider a carefully taken history of more diagnostic value in this catastrophy than any other factor. You may ask what becomes of the ligatures left in the abdomen.

Davis ( Hi-lelrical Society, of the Jefferson Medical College, hehl Its annual dinner at the Hotel Stentou. In order to take from our medical gentlemen, in the pest-houses, some of the most dangerous part of the duty, it was my wish to procure some of the Greek doctors of the country to reside in the pest-houses, to feel the pulses there, most diligent search was made for those people, and very high pay was promised to them, but we could tempt none of them to live in our pest-houses: a plain proof of the opinion which they entertain of the contagious nature of the disease. Shame has a great influence, and treatment must be made as free from the eye company is rather an advantage in a home for men, but ruinous to success in one for women, as they will not subject themselves to the risks of subsequent forced association or recognition on the part of To carry out these views, a home has been opened by a society of ladies in a passer-by only sees what is apparently a private dwelling; but within are all the appointments of a small, well-ordered public institution, having its Matron, Board of Managers, etc. I worked with him at the Caswell Training School, visited him at Kinston, and when he was back in Lenoir, and visited with him the poor mountain homes and saw the reverence of the people there for him. Except opiates, which were tried at the outset without marked effect, no medicine was administered.

But the inflammation, having given rise to these changes, either partially or fully, and being nearly extinguished, may be rekindled, and the incipient adhesions may be stretched, or torn away, or even dissolved by the fluid poured out during the consecutive attack, and various other changes produced in the products previously formed, as well as other more novel deposites may take place. The habitual the fact of a patient presenting a temperature above the normal should always cnW for a more mituito examination, which would probably lead to a satisfactory diag nosis. The retail price of diphtheria antitoxin will be, therefore, raised to fifty cents per syringe, with the price to the druggist remaining at twenty-five cents as heretofore.

It may determine the true condition in the preeclamptic state and distinguish between chronic nephritis and impending eclampsia. Looked upon as the surest sign of empyema; for it rarely accompanies a very copious and nonpurulent effusion in the acute stage, while it is generally present when the fluid is purulent, although actually smaller in quantity than before it assumed this character; this sign indicating rather the kind of fluid than the quantity, as effusion into the right cavity may, when the patient is examined in the sitting or standing position, be mistaken for an enlarged liver, or the rising of this organ high in the thorax, or this latter may be mistaken for the former; while the presence of a considerable quantity of fluid in the left side may not be detected, owing to an inflated stomach having pushed the diaphragm before or behind it, or to the small quantity of fluid interposed iietween the parietes and the inflated organ, admitting of a clear sound upon a strong percussion, although a dull sound may be given out by a very gentle percussion. The latter probably would have died if no operation had been done.

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