No one in our time has done more to lead the doctor to the library. INSTRUCTION will be as thorough and scientific as in the Medical School proper. Right glad would the producers be to send their milk direct to the consumers, if it were possible, but now it must go through the same old channel." There is an inevitable variation in the supply and in the demand for milk. In certain areas there was a preponderance of stroma over parenchyma, with the production of a picture of a scirrlious tumor. It is decidedly worth while to be careful about clean feeding, for it seems probable that this is a common method by which infection enters the body. It also offers a very valuable guide to the advisability of instituting active treatment.

Thus it was not toward the science of completed form the Latin Fathers turned, but to embryology, for they were greatly troubled to know in what manner the soul comes at first to join the body. In the United States as a whole there the Western states.

In regard to the various complications of typhoid fever he said that he would not have time to speak, but he was convinced that they would very rarely occur in cases where the patient was aysteraatically subjected to the cold water the administration of fatly substances (such us cream and cod-liver oil), farinaceous articles, alcohol, and saccharine inatters, especially glucose. Latent -Hidden, as Latent heat, see the remarks connected with steam boiler explosion. The evidence of suffering from the contracted condition of the muscles is very marked, and, unless supported in some way, the animal may fall to the floor.

He must show them that he spends his money according to the needs Again in tuberculosis we are fortunate. The final blow to the great educational and medical institution of Alexandria was struck by Julius Caesar, who ordered the library to be destroyed and it was burned to the During the late stages of the decline of the Alexandrian School, a Greek by the name of Galen was born in the city of Pergamon in Asia Minor health, and recreational center, was built in the city where Galen was born.

For instance: the removal of one lobe or more of a tubercula upon which uncertainty invites the lime-light of surgical scrutiny and reduce" to an axiomatic certainty, definite results, and thus put a quietus upon surgical theories, speculations and conj ctures. The same thing happened, not alone with regard to this branch of medical and surgical knowledge, but also with regard to a great many other thoroughly practical and extremely valuable developments in professional work, and especially in surgical practice, made by the same generations which brought about the interesting oldtime evolution of the specialty of diseases For there is no doubt now that the physicians and surgeons of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, some of whose work in laryngology and rhinology I wish to refer to, were using anesthetics and antiseptics, and some of them at least knew that pus, instead of being a necessary accompaniment of healing, is an undesirable complication. Species; herbs, medicinal plants Specifisches Mittel, n. May He bless you in your profess he family would like to congratulate you your graduation from Drexel College of Medicine We encourage you to follow your dreams; you have worked diligently over the We have included some advice from others:"My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment." be successful you have to enjoy doing your best while at the same time contributing to something beyond yourself.""Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements." ou love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Mom, Dad, Marcus and Katherine, Aunt Theresa, Uncle Orvin, Aunt Cynthia, Uncle Timothy, Aunt Betty, Uncle Linwood, Micaiah, Adiel and Nicole, Jannah, Tianna, Amber, Orvin II, Oliver and Jalen Congratulations Idris! You did it! We are so proud of you and your outstanding achievements in medical school and beyond and cannot wait to see the great things you will accomplish in the Gina, Mom and Dad, Rhiannon and Matt, Eleri and Thomas, Teyrnon, Congratulations on this very special achievement. Of the five in whom both the brain and cord were diseased, two hud died and five were living, and of the last five one (the woman) had clied of sypliililic hcniiplegia. Permanganic, permanganate Ueber-mangansaures Kali, n. For instance, in a case referred to me by Doctor Manheimer, the patient stated that his cough began after he had swallowed some pieces of bone.

Now a mustard plaster should never make a blister at all.

The vomiting should be kept up, and the stomach washed out with bland albuminous or mucilaginous fluids, such as milk, flour and water, or thin paste, etc.

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