University of Pennsylvania Men who served in the Civil War war. As the influence of adrenalin and cocaine in producing ischsemia is very similar, these two substances are frequently applied together when both local anaesthesia and ischaemia are required.

During the second year this quantity will hardly be exceeded. This consists of working facilities for students with ample demonstration material on display, adjoined by the cadaver room, mortuary and autopsy room. A son, twenty-two years old, suffers from Pott's disease of the spine.

The upper leaves become smaller, During the flowering period, the tuber is becoming exhausted of its stored nourishment, chiefly starch, and a new or"daughter" tuber is developing from it by means of a lateral bud near the crown. The parasites were so small as to be seen in the fluid with difficulty by the naked eye, but by gently moving the walls of the viscus, the whole fluid would seem to be one seething) fermenting mass of wriggling, moving worms; whilst the body of the animal was very anaemic,, the muscular tissue greatly wasted and very pallid, the fat fairly abundant, but presenting the very white appearance seen in liver-rot and other anaemic diseases.. If the fever is slight, the local disease will be slight' also; if, on the contrary, the fever is severe, the local inflammation will be proportionately grave.

One or more of the animals In testing a given sample of antitoxin as it appears on the market, it will first be nece sary to determine the exact quantity of serum in the container, and to divide the entii units which should be present in each Cc.

Hence it follows that the vernal air is more salubrious than the autumnal, which abounds with corrupted and highly putrescent particles.

Osmic acid liberates iodine from iodides, is reduced from its solution by silver and other metals, and oxidizes organic compounds. Symptoms of circumscribed peritonitis in the vicinity of the stump of the spleen were also observed. Bones is not dense, but in deep contrast with the -hadows of the ball and metal fragments, which are so clearly outlined with the ball of normal size that the ball is thus shown to lie on the palmar side of opportunity shall oHer for removal of the missile.

Mitchell have been embodied in a quarto volume, issued by the Smithsonian Institution, Plastic surgery has received much attention in this country, especially during the last thirty years. The color of the best preparation should resemble the inside of the mouth of a green frog. SYMPTOMS OF SYMPTOMATIC ANTHEAX, OE ANTHRAX FEVEE WITH usually in young animals under eighteen months or two years. Provision for the proper instruction of those in civil life would be amply repaid by Any routine treatment of the disease is unsatisfactory.

However, her attacks have been so greatly mitigated in severity and diminished in frequency that she very gladly adheres to the main outlines of this plan of treatmentandmost of the time has a siphon of the saline mixture on hand.

The implantation was made perpendicularly to the The author publishes in the same month a new method of implantation of the ureters, having for its object the making of subsequent infection of the ureters and kidneys impossible! The ureters are buried in the walls of the rectum for a distance of an inch or more longitudinally, so that the ureters may be milked downward by the contraction of the bowel muscles artificially surrounding the ureters. The hide of an older beast is more Since different species of gadfly attack different animals, and several kinds of fly, in the larval state, infest one and the same animal, it is desirable to speak of the forms belonging to our various domestic animals separately. It will not be able to repeat this performance in the case of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society and it is scarcely likely that it will itself submit to the process of phagocytosis.

The alternation of transition from consciousness, with all the accompanying physical powers in full swing, to unconsciousness, with its accompanying lowering of the physical tone, is the most apparent and striking manifestation of mental rhythm. Brauell of Dorpat, who has made very extensive observations on the anatomy and microscopy of the disease, says that the buccal mucous membrane is usually reddened in patches of greater or less extent; these patches being in some places merely deprived of epithelium, in others covered with layers, varying in size from that of a lentil to that of a fourpenny piece. From a careful review of the above five cases of ovariotomy, I am led to the following conclusions: mode or plan of operating, is also largely controlled by strict attention to the minutiae which relates to the patient and the is best insured by a close adherence to what we call"antiseptic precautions." power of the peritoneum, we should be encouraged, in the intra-peritoneal method, to entirely close the abdominal incision.