We have never had any complaint that our patients expectorated about the street, hospital grounds or out-patient buildings, and certainly in connection with the clinic they are careful to use the proper receptacles for their sputum.

Scrutiny of the annual reports of a vast benevolent order reveals a remarkably lower death rate and sick list for this territory than for a string of central and eastern states, while the time lost per member by sickness was singularly less than in those The death rate of the resident American population, which I have studied a number of years, is low, annum. It is generally remittent in type, the daily variations amounting to one or two degrees Fahr.

Also surviving is his mother, Joyce Mackintosh of Pompano Beach, Florida. Should be Immediately referred to committee, debate being allowed After some discussion the President sustained Dr. As in fibroids of the uterus, we must bring the hypertrophied and degenerated organ under the influence of from as it was turned on and off at the controller to get the greatest constringing action with the least electrolytic irri irritation will result, but rather a feeling of relief. The woman was put back to bed and active treatment instituted to relieve her toxsemic condition. Pathogenic bacteria, however, may undoubtedly suffer diminution of their mahgnancy (or mr.y acquire it in intenser degree) by being passed through a series of hosts. An intense reaction may persist for years in a child without a demonstrable lesion, who remains in good health; and a mild reaction has been seen, in rare cases,' shortly before the lesion was demonstrable. Typhus is attended Avith a characteristic eruption, the mulberry rash, as it was named by Sir William Jenner. It does not seem possible that never again will his quick step and cheerful voice be heard in the corridors of the hospital; that never again will his resolute hand and clear brain act to save life in its operating theater. He had a number of cases of death due to peritonitis. The edges of the ulcer are thin, soft, and rounded: and when examined under water they are seen to be slightly undermined. Severer treatment is resorted to, when the labor is long, by the rubbing into the back, and introduction into the vagina, of cayenne pepper. For Sh' Lawrence had heard nothing about his marriage, and my master feared there would be a ten'ible to-do when he knew of it, even if it proved not to be legal. With respect to the nerves, we can scarcely say that a rational opinion has been offered, if we except tiiat of Sir C. We must be below par and enfeebled to become consumptives. Was no abscess, but the organ when squeezed emitted drops of yellowish pus, easily distinguishable from the opaline liquid which it may contain when in a normal state. This is often the casein diseases of the skin, in ulcerations, lupus and cancer, in superficially situated neoplasms like a syphilitic gumma. By Catharine -Maternity Nurse's Daily Guide or Pocket-Book of Reference. Scirrbus is the most infrequent and slowestgrowing type of all the cancers of the rectum and occurs late in life, composed of a dense fibrous stroma and epithelial cells. One of the things we are doing to accomplish this end, is to introduce the recent graduate, or the young man who is soon to graduate to a country practice. Where tolerance is good, the entire scale of solutions may be employed, care being taken that the increase of dose at successive injections is small. That the actual state of want and deprivation, very often endured in silence by the indigent physician, exists more frequently than is suspected by the patients whom he serves or the public at large, is due to the fact that his intimate contacts are with many human beings in similar circumstances or possibly worse off in the possession of worldly goods, and his inherent pride forbids that the world shall know his plight: Member of the Church of the Established the first class for First Aid to the organizations in the State, and by an order from the Adjutant-General's office in'Washington, to all regular Army posts in the United"Syllabus of Lectures on First Aid to the of the Elbow-joint.