There was tympanitic percussion resonance over the entire surface of the abdomen. The sensitive feeling which he inherited from a distinguished father, very properly made this" beloved physician" one of the choicest guides that could be devised for The j)rofessors of Marischal College were all honorary members of the Aberdeen Medical Society.

In one instance he had observed the stomach entirely severed from the ceesophagus from this cause. Fifty-four is the largest number Prof. Probably the accidental injury mentioned had nothing to do with the growth, as the blow was received on the outer side of the humerus, and the growth was from the inner side. This ready and correct diagnosis was made from the fact of the elevation of both cyst and larynx in one common mass during the act of swallowing, tlius proving the tumour to be The disease desciibed by the late Dr. In other words, avoid subscribing to medical journals which have not good and well-known pedigrees on the made in this country, and while they are fairly good, we believe that the best results have been received by the use of Behring's. The pupil having been dilated by the application of a solution of atropia, onefourth of a grain to two drachms, the cataract needle, dipped in oil, was introduced about two and a half lines behind the cornea, and below the horizontal axis of- the eye, so as to avoid the long ciliary artery. Exposure to close or dusty atmospheres and to frequent j alternations of temperature must be avoided. Many of the so-called hair tonics contain lead salts, and are, therefore, merely dyes for the hair. As it caused her "" no inconvenience of any sort, she did not report it to me. My treatment has been substantially as follows: I cut the hair of the head bowels with a saline cathartic, and forbid all I give ten drops of Fowler's solution of arsenic three times a day; increasing the dose, according to the extent of the disease and its effects on the system, to fifteen drops. The cicatrix enclosing it is linear and small. After the formal training, the junior faculty will return to the school that sponsored the training, and develop a program of research, teaching, and clinical care in respiratory diseases and The establishment of a National Research and Demonstration Center at the University of Vermont College of Medicine will tie together and intensify efforts and resources for the control of respiratory disease in Vermont (a state with one of the highest respiratory ailment rates in this country). - i very much regret that the records of some of the stomach examinations have been lost, and the paper is more incomplete in this connection than I anticipated; nevertheless, the uniformity of the results is so evident that I feel the same conclusion may be drawn from these reports that would follow a much Most of the patients had an incorrect idea as to the nature of their disease, some complaining of the liver, others of cancer of the stomach, heart disease, locomotor short of breath, has tinnitus aurium, numbness of the extremities, slow reflexes, gaseous pulse. The lungs and abdominal viscera appeared healthy. This may be by dry cupping-glasses frequently applied, or by friction with a croton liniment over the sacrum, or by the repeated application of sinapisms or tincture of iodine over the hypogastric and iliac regions.

In physiology, he steadily defends the theory of a vital principle, a Lebenskraft, and in pathology, denies not less positively the entity of disease. This, however, need not be very obvious; but its presence may be inferred if the child becomes extremely restless and occasionally cries out as if in pain, or it may In the large majority of cases the tympanic membrane gives way, and relief is obtained spontaneously. The Journal is a novel feature in our literature, and deserves the support of the profession. In old pelvic inflammatory eases, in which the septic area in the pelvis is completely walled off by adhesions, the examination of the gall bladder may be made immediately after the abdomen is opened, before the pelvic adhesions are broken up. After tivo minutes rinse cover-glass in water, and transfer to methyl blue solution for one minute, and thereafter rinse in water. They ramify upon the outer or pleuro-pulmonic surface of the bottoms and sides of the air-sacs, and between them. The"Finance Committee" of the Meeting of the General Council in The" Committee appointed to consider Special Claims for Registration" the addition of Dr. The superficial fascia, but was limited to the skin ( Some of these were covered by a smooth serous mem brane (peritoneal lining) and represented evidently metastases through the circulation. Burgess' he regarded as belonging to the haemorrhage was the division of the vertical arteries that run in the pharyngeal folds. He also referred to interaal galvanism as a therapeutic agent of value.

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