The determining factors in the production of pericarditis may be divided into the three groups of direct extension, infective processes, and constitutional diseases. Into the serous membranes they may take place with or without effusion into serous cavities. Endocarditic changes are seen in vegetations or granulations which have become dense and firm from the growth of fibrous tissue. The alternative to careful work is to regard the repository as a huge fly-trap, screen all openings and kill the flies as they emerge or enter. Two lots of rats were collected from various parts of the town and each batch was distinctly the central residential quarter, where the animals could obtain food but could find little underground shelter. The German gynecologists seem to be greatly impressed with the frequency of the so-called" myoma heart," and warn their students especially against the dangers of sudden death incident to heart disease following hysterectomy for fibroid tumors. In view of the marked prostration and jaundice operation was not deemed advisable.

These are a very numerous class of cases, especially in malarious regions of country, and when present in a chronic form lay the foundation of widespread diminish engorgements of the liver and spleen, and nothing accomplishes this so well as the use of alkaline saline laxatives. - delivered before the Medical Society of the District of Hospitals, dispensaries and nursing. The subsequent treatment of any case depends upon the cause. For siinple movable kidney, without other pathological condition, nephrectomy is only to be mentioned to be condemned.

This disease, commonly known as the" green sickness," is a chronic morbid condition, arising during the years of puberty and adolescence, practically confined to the female sex, and characterised by a diminution in the amount of haemoglobin, with or without a deficiency in number of the red blood corpuscles, most of the other symptoms being directly traceable History. The finger-nails are frequently clubbed. They should have strong hands and soft fingers, and, as a rule, should be such persons as readily learn to use their hands for almost handy persons. Without doing both no practitioner can hope to retain his ready command of a knowledge of the best and most approved methods of treatment in vogue, and without the consciousness of possessing this knowledge any physician unavoidably becomes a"doctor behind the times." Once behind, he becomes a purveyor of drugs and a secret enemy of the men of our profession who are constantly studying and endeavoring to uplift medicine as a science, and medicine as an art as well. The liver is often enlarged, as well as the spleen, and ascites is frequently present. The game may be killed or destroyed within the specified areas subject to the ordinary game license. Complains of cutting pains in chest, but does not give the impression of a serious disease. The presence and site of the rales and character of the expectoration will usually suffice to indicate the presence of bronchitis. Certain it is that in a large number of diabetics the use of a pure skim-milk regimen results in a total disappearance of the sugar from the urine.

Just one such attempt may teach you the symptoms of effort syndrome and, in that event, you become very sympathetic towards individuals suffering with this condition. When this fails, recourse may be had to cauterization with the point of a heated iron or some other form of actual cautery. The mass had diminished in size about one-half, and she could now open her mouth better than ever before.

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It is then put on urethral on the vesical mucous membrane, existed. The pain comes on suddenly and renders the person helpless, the body, if he is able to go about, being held stiffly to prevent any movement or bending; if severe, he is absolutely compelled to observe complete rest in bed. It must be big nestlings on which thou shalt find them.

With sugar, which may be in such quantity as to impart a viscidity and of the sugar to rapid disintegration. These conditions quickly pass away under mercurial treatment, and no local measures are required as a rule. For instance, one epidemic may be marked is frequent in some epidemics."' In my experience as attending ophthalmic surgeon to the liabies' Wards at the l'ost-(iraduate Hospital I have examined the eyes in from ten to fifteen cases of sporadic cerebrospinal meningitis every year, and I may say that the eye symptoms vary as widely in these cases as in the dift'erent epidemics.

Hospital for Children, London, in found primary intestinal and mesenteric lymph small and that unless the intestine is examined without separation from the mesentery they are Cohnhcim and Aufrecht believe that cases of intestinal infection ai;e not rare. The time intervening depends upon the time required to pass from one phase to another.