Cilitates its absorption by the intestinal Virburnum Opulus and Dioscorea Vil mucous membrane.

That the committee had stood ready to work in the interest of the profession upon the first alarm, but nothing had been attempted which appeared to the report of this committee, which consisted of condolences upon the death of Dr.

Again, with regard to the kidneys, it has been before mentioned, that granular degeneration, which impairs their function and power of elimination, renders the body peculiarly liable to contract epidemic and infectious diseases, and to and for the same reasons, to persons who have been habitually intemperate.

For residence, town or village? be observed against infection by the gonococcus? The world war has served in the most unexpected ways to awaken this nation to the true meaning of food problems and to the magnitude of many heretofore undervalued factors in the rationing of the American people. College royal of France, at Paris. Epibranchial, Ep-i-bran-ki-al; relating to the upper Epieolie, Ep-i-kol-ik; over the direction of the colon. Sterilized hypodermic syringe, and inoculating it on agar and blood serum tubes. He says that cancer of the stomach is more favorable for radical treatment than cancer of the breast or the tongue. Other methods that have been used are the application of tincture of powder and ointment, freezing the boil with ether, the application of a In the case described here treatment consisted in free excision and closure beyond and below the area of involvement. Hence the infection frequently ap- edly syphilitic clinical stigmata, and the pears in wounds that are regarded as do- remaining three were probably syphilitic, ing well, but in which the local condition Congenital syphilis is the form of syphilis They advise the following treatment: the majority the pulmonary disturbance As soon as a wound is suspected to be dated back to childhood or adolescence, infected a specimen of the pus is sent to All had dyspnea on exertion and a few the pathological laboratory for examina- even at rest, in the absence of any cardiac tion. In other words, with a patient in whom the symptoms are mild, and there is every reason to believe the obstruction is not organic, hypodermic injections of atropine (even as considerable quantities as the one-sixtieth of a grain repeated two or three times at intervals of three or four hours) may be employed with very reasonable confidence of The marked relaxation of the intestinal musculature causes a liberation of the obstruction, and the symptoms rapidly clear away, a voiding of gas being generally the first indication of relief. To visit and attend the sick, and the mates to obey apothecary and the orders of the physicians, surgeons and apothecary. Arterial Duct; the duct leading from the pulmonary blood by respiration. Several applications for Marshall, was present, and made an address embodying necessary advice and encouragement.

Some kinds of exercise which include alternate stooping and raising the body, such as digging and other occupations in the garden, are serviceable in promoting the action of the bowels and kidneys; and the same remark will apply to various games of bowls.

Enostosis, En-os-to-sis; a kind of tumor that sometimes appears in the medullary cavity of a bone. Naturally, therefore, he believed the blood not to be hot of itself, but to acquire its vivifying heat at the heart, the pulsation of which he held to be caused directly by the seething of the blood within. In the first few months of the last pregnancy the patient was treated locally by her family physician; but there was nothing to cause a suspicion of malignancy. Adhesive property of white globules; those recently formed have no cell- wall.

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