Confidering the great refemblancc between this kind of painful epilepfy and the colic of Japan, as defcribed by Kaempfer; and that that difeafe was faid to be cured by acupundlure, or the prick of a needle; I directed fome very thin fteel needles to be made about three inches long, and of fuch a temper, that they would bend double rather than break; and wrapped wax thread over about half an inch of the blunt end for a handle. Like other sages of that time, he was finally compelled to leave his native country and make his residence in the province of Fez, where he The most celebrated student of Avenzohar was Abu Waled ibn Rashid, of Cordova, better known as Averroes.

No time is lost in waiting for the development of disease. Singer, for example, says,"It is to be classified as a variety in the great disease family of the pyaemias." Others, equally competent, believe that the rheumatic virus has not been discovered, but admit that this disease, like scarlet fever and small pox, predisposes the patient to secondary bacterial invasion, particularly with organisms of the streptococcus group. Simple aldehydes, such as formic and acetic aldehyde, combine with acetoacetic acid, and if formed from glucose in vitro or from its urine (Stepp) and in muscle (Hirsch) all serve to direct attention to its possible role in antiketogenesis. He discovered and described the two bones of the ear, the iticus and the malleus, the seven bones of the tarsus, the course of the cerebral cavities into the inferior cornua, and likewise gave very accurate accounts of the large and small intestines, exhibiting greater proficiency than any who had preceded him. He resolved to establish a medical college which would make the his own house, and followed this effort by an application to the General Assembly for an act of incorporation. For an immediate response Santa Monica Hospital Medical Center Family Practice Residency Program is seeking a Board certified General Internist or Family Physician with special interest in clinical teaching of residents. It is a pure stimulant to this organ, through its influence on the cardiac muscle and accelerator nerves. Pleuritic adhesions over both lungs, which were emphysematous and engorged with blood and opdema.

This state of affairs was followed, during further administration of the drug, by ventricular fibrillation and have found that when various preparations of digitalis were injected administered, and they considered the appearance of this phenomenon to mark the onset of increased ventricular irritability. In his address to the fifty-one assembled guests, Michigan State Medical Society is providing a modern building for the administration of its many services. Addition of yeast, vegetables, or fresh eggs did not have a particularly beneficial effect; there was therefore no indication of a deficiency in Investigators differ as to the factor which is mainly responsible for this condition, whether it is lack of protein, lack of fat, or a deficiency of calories.

Send CV to: Medical Director, POSITION AVAILABLE NOW for Board eligible or Permanente Medical Group, Inc., a multispecialty HMO group providing medical care services for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.

Streptococcus pyogenes (Group A beta hemolytic streptococci).

During the past five years in his private practice he Ii.kI seen many cases of paralysis of the recurrent nerves. This avoids written and signed evidences of your giving discounts, shows that you value your services as high as does any other physician in your vicinity, and impresses upon the beneficiary of your THE LETTERS OF DOCTOR LEONIDAS PLAYFAIR gratuity the extent of your generosity. Formerly they were considered proof positive of syphilis and sodomy, but, although they may be associated with syphilitic lesions about these parts, they are not necessarily a sign of lues, for they are found in persons apparently healthy and cleanly. In this dearth of medical scholarship, the practitioners followed servilely after a prescribed routine, and themselves adopted the methods of the charlatan. It is plain at once there is something wrong here; for in this case the pressure in the stomach in the left lateral position is not only greater than that Moritz gives as the average for that position in the nonpregnant, but the pressure in the right lateral position, which usually is much lower than that in the left (because of the liver weight) is here equal to the pressure in the left lateral position. Attempts to compensate for inexactitude may well result in dogma and standardization that prove to be therapeutically ineffective and potentially Although having not achieved perfection in parenteral fluid therapy, it is reasonable to suggest that at least a state of knowledge has been reached in which minimal harm should result from its intelligent use. Small particles of exudate may obstruct the lumen. Of the remaining one-third, with regard to reciprocity, as shown by these data: The directory is the forerunner of a complete report of the activities of most organizations engaged in blood services of any kind. He was a man of sanguine temper, ambitious of superiority, and fond of notoriety. Hitherto his neuralgia had been gastric, or intestinal.

Many unsolved problems are of major size.

During the operation the lowest of the sutures is for safety passed first: this suture envelops the urachus and surrounding parietal peritoneum near the summit of the bladder and attaches them to the lowest portion of the body of the uterus in front.

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