Tryparsamide is primarily a trypanocidal agent and is proposed for use in the treatment of certain forms of trypanosomiasis. So you may set it down as one point to be attended to in the management of carbuncles that patients should not be confined to their rooms. Each page after the title page should be consecutively numbered and carry a running head identifying the paper and References should be limited to a maximum will be omitted and a notation made to write the author for a complete list. Lupus can unquestionably be commanded by patient and careful apphcations of one or other of the forces about which we are now writing. The infusion is made by boiling a drachm or two of the flowera hoary with down, leafy at the base, about a foot or foot and a half long. Of the eight medical schools of Ohio one has already won a permanent place and two more have possibilities.

Frequently the writer has rushed into a quick delivery, goaded on by the appearance of meconium, to find a baby with no trouble and no approach to asphyxia. Localized flank pain or tenderness. The crystals thus isolated had a dark reddish-brown colour; their surfaces reflected the light with a purple and steel-blue glitter. It yields its or tincture, and externally in poultice or ointment for scrofula, cuta neous diseases, and piles. As to free patients, all hospitals should provide well paid anesthetists, as has alreadv How are we, then, to secure an adequate number of competent specialists in anesthesias? Let every surgeon or physician in charge of a given case for operation, demand the services of the expert anesthetist. The one, therefore, who loses patience, however sorely tried, and who cannot bear with these trials for a while, should stay away from the sick-room in the capacity Nursing, in a great measure, is a natural gift either in man or woman, just as much as music, painting, and other things are.

I wish especially to emphasize that many of these apparent phenomena result from perfectly normal impulses, and not necessarily from the vicious and weak yielding to ardent desire. At operation a much dilated left ureter was found with a constriction of the ureter a few inches above the bladder; no stone coiild be found. The real standard is perilously close to the"equivalent" that creeps in modestly at the bottom. - there was also nothing to suggest lead poisoning, the gums showed no dark line, and the blood examination no tattooed red cells. The recommendations were read and were as follows: Recommendations of Chairman of Education the improvement of health conditions in rural communities, working toward county health departments. Wherever and whenever the roster of untitled practitioners rose above half a dozen, a medical school was likely at any moment to be precipitated. The number of counts represented by some of the foremost scientific men in the State.

In expressing my own opinion that the disease is scarlet fever I am conscious of being strongly biassed by the belief of those in whose sound judgment I place complete reliance; but I think an independent examination of the facts could scarcely lead to any other conclusion. This is an inflammation of the conjimctiva or mucous membrane of the eyelids. The night students see no children's diseases, no acute medical diseases at the bedside, no contagious diseases. Field of proprietary remedies, a field of danger and disappointment worker for every veterinary reform.

As the growth did not give rise to any inconvenience, and did not interfere with the usefulness of the animal, When I saw the animal again, last summer, the tumor had attained the dimensions of a large cocoanut, and prevented the use of a collar altogether. The fact that Doctor Linton placed an interrogation point in the title of his paper seems to indicate that his faith in the immortality of the ameba has been shaken. Wilson almost invariably inspired a filial regard. It is there separated, and the cream and skim-milk are pasteurized separately. For many years it seemed impossible to maintain a State association in Minnesota. Within a few hours' time the patient had great relief from pain and by the next morning there was slight recovery in the use of the right arm and hand. As these experiments necessitate a good deal of experience which the student does usually not possess the book will assist him and make him proficient in his e.xperimental work. In one gland from the series here reported was extensive edema, evidenced by clear unstained vacuoles within the cytoplasm of the cells and by the marked cellular separation, with the intercellular spaces containing a smooth, clear, homogeneous, slightly pink staining material from all lymph nodes and spleens. If this initial rigidity persists beyond a few hours, it becomes a true involuntary rigidity and is of diagnostic import. Mantz, Kansas City, has been appointed superintendent of the Leeds Tuberculosis Sanatorium, a division of the Health of honor at a reception given by the Jackson Dr.

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