The Borer makes its appearance about the first of June and deposits its eggs upon the bark, near the ground, and another writer says, referring more particularly to the peach borer,"These pests can be entirely exterminated by removing a small portion of the earth from the body of the tree near the roots, and filling its place with a quart of soft soap.

A study of the pelvic secondary collections indicates the fault to be due, not to the Fowler position but to late operation, incomplete operation, and insufficient drainage. American Academy of Pediatrics MN Society of Plastic Surgeons MN Chapter, American College of Surgeons speak, to the burden. Graflgrind, as pictured by Dickens, was also enamored of a system, and though when we read of him in"I lard Times" our risibles are never quiet so great is our enjoyment, we somehow forget that in this world of ours to-day it is system in all things that makes its strongest appeal to man.

The author conducted a series of experiments in the course of which he isolated the toxins and produced antitoxins from thoroughbred horses and used them upon himself and eight other people. It had been taken from a well after a storm and was muddy. When the fistula arises from an intestinal opening near the cecum, the abdominal incision should be made as in operation for appendicitis. Try it a few times, as the fellow said aJjout cedar rails, they would last a thousand years, for he had tried it several times! Of course this man's disregard to truth was very great; but not so great as these railroad men and timber speculators disregard to the destruction of our forests. Including Preparations and Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis with the Rudiments of Gas Analysis.

That a salvarsan cure or salvarsan combined with other treatment, given with proper technique, under correct indications, seems to be the most adequate means of treating this disease is the concensus of opinion deduced from these investigations. Hi ibis euj-e, ail the untoward circumstances which so contrary, essentwlly a toning, sustaining, strengthenim;; treatment.should have been adopted, and that we firmly believed that such a course of treat jient would have saved her. For example, a hieh degree might be recorded as myopia, and more oftenas amblyopia. In their hands is placed a special produce which requires a special way of using, and they will use it in the old way, without altering the modus faciendi to which they have been hitherto accustomed. His grandfather, greatgrandfather, and great-great-grandfather were all ministers in School. Several explanations might be entertained. Finally, the proximal branches of the appendicular artery have been inverted with the wall, and are now ligated securely by the pursestring. The feces are always hard and lumpy in this form of proctitis. As no unpleasant after-effects follow the ingestion of the remedy, it may be tried in all tl?e milder cases.

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