When there is only one bed, and when (ho disease ia fever (unless the patient is too ill to permit his l)eing moved), the shoots which have been used iit niglit should be rephicod hy others in the morning, and hung up in tho free air during tho day, to bo again used at night. " Another fact, and one with which I had to do myself. It appears from these experiments that it is the toxins which, carried by the blood current, produce the injury to the glandular elements.

Nervous ladies sometimes tell us they cannot take the rubbing wet sheet, when, at the same time, they take the cold plunge, which is far more powerful, and perhaps too powerful for their case. It is always well, therefore, to resort to injections. He emphasizes particularly the difference between chronological age and physiological age, the latter being dependent upon endocrine and metabolic factors, some of which are subject to modification.

Active, according to the intensity of the disease of which it is a forerunner, or rather an indication, and being accompanied bypain, it becomes our duty merely to restore the equilibrium of the circulation.

As fluids press, not in proportion to their diameter, but to the height of their column, the venous blood must find some difficulty to its ascent.

Prudden from the Pathological Laboratory of the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

At Antietam he was slightly wounded Chancellorsville, Gettsburg, through the Wilderness campaign, and in front the battle of Fredericksburg. Suspension may be partial or complete. We are truly the world's best friends. The pigmentation varies in color from a faint blue to a blue-black, and is seen in minute points or in areas on the tip or sides of the tongue, and is found only in the West Indian negro and in the immigrant coolies and their children, and not in the cases of Europeans or Barbadians or pure whites. No better book could be placed in the This ought to be the juvenile of the year, although it will, of course, be hard to come up to the"Old Glory" books. On the contrary, the self-restraint, the honorable oflen heighten the tone of a man's virtue, and certainly increase a true woman's respect for it. Inasmuch as the transplantation of such material (small fragments or pieces of bone, the length of a finger, not necessarily fresh bone but with equally good results in the use of macerated or boiled bone or bone sterilized by heat) may materially aid and hasten the restoration of a given defect and the formation of a solidly ossified scar in it: Lactic acid, on beiug oxidized by nitric acid, yields oxalic tartaric acid, and most salts remain undissolved by ether. Here I do not stop simply because some pustulation or rhinitis occurs, but continue right on in increasing doses till more serious symptoms make it impracticable. To be six feet apart, and the players in each party to be six feet from each other. Sexual intercourse now seems to him the only relief and to be the cure-all of his miseries. The purity of gold is designated by the parts ot other metal. They show one or a number of opaque yellow punctiform spots from the presence in minute foci within them of the yellow colored clumps of they are surrounded by a connective tissue mg from the size "review" of a plum stone to that of a fAftci- ostertag.) either appears as a thin mushy fluid, creamy and of a sulphur yellow color, enclosed in a white indurated abscess wall, or the areas are made up of a flabbv, grayish-yellow to reddish-yellow matrix, which contains the infiltrating pus, not in separate foci large enough to allow it to be taken out in a spoon, but just as though it were in a fine sponge. I have used this powder with great advantage in many caues of bronchitis, by directing three or four grains of it to be inhaldd once a day, in an instrument I had constructed for that purpose. One is occasional, and lasts but a few hours.

TENENBAUM, IRVING Cape May, N.J. Of infusion of peppermint, one gill of tincture of prickly ash berries, half a gill of tincture of castor, and a teaspoonful of ginger.

All local boards are made auxiliary to it; all hospitals, dispensaries, prisons, asylums, and schools are required to report to it; all grounds, erections, and places are to be entered, examined, and surveyed, at the pleasure of the Board; and in future all legislation having reference to the health of the people is to be secured through A cursory view of the scope of this act shows that the amount of labor to be performed is unlimited; that its power and resources are very great; that the objects it is designed to accomplish are vast and important; and that, if the trust is faithfully executed by the Board, the good results to the people and the profession will be incalculable.

In regard to the human subject, the authorities contend that there are several varieties of this malady prevalent in man, one of which, the Egyptian ophthalmia, is contagious; but no such disease was ever known owe their origin to accidents; at other times they occur in badly ventilated stables, where a large number of horses are congregated together, and then they are supposed to be contagious. By this arrangement an immense digestive surface is crowded into a small space. For the preservation of milk ice is absolutely necessary and is also effective. The task must be accomplished though alliances and collaboration. Unions of the country, to organize a large tuberculosis camp or colony in New Mexico, where members of the unions and their families may receive suitable climatic and medical treatment at little or no personal erected for the St. The salt, when heated, fiises and is gradually decomposed into metaphosphoric acid, ammonia, and water, and at a bright-red a solution of ammonio-magnesium sulphate, yield a crystalline precipitate, which, when solution should not be aft'ected by ammonium sulphide, or, after being acidulated with nitric acid, by hydrogen sulphide (absence of metals), and should yield no precipitate with phosphate has never been employed to any extent in medicine.