A molecule of an element is the smallest particle of that element which can exist free. The three-year training program be amended to permit the number of evening and night hours to be left to the discretion of individual schools of nursing, with the provision that there be adequate supervision of students on evening and niglit and their distril)ution over the three-year training sixth general principle in the Nursing and Allied principles of di.saster nursing should be integrated policy on the subject of hospital schools of practical nursing, and that such schools be encouraged as a means of alleviating the nurse shortage. The remains of the triceps, deep fascia, scar tissue and periosteum were sutured in two vertical layers by catgut sutures behind the humerus, and the elbow was flexed to an angle bandage. Galvin, M.D Assistant Professor of Gynecology Kenneth B.

Recent fundamental studies on the nature of natural resistance have provided strong evidence that this resistance originated and is controlled by the group of connective tissues, the reticulo-endothelial system or RES. This is due to the presence of chemical systems in the blood which are able to absorb acids without changing appreciably in reaction. It was obvious that a perforation had perforation in the anterior stomach wall was stitched, Mji the usual surgical procedure was adopted. When there is profuse expectoration, quinine with atropine, and codeine, to quiet cough, and the balsams, are the most etlicient remedies. Not only has little been added to the catalogue of parts, but some things long known had become halfforgotten. If the stomach is doing fairly good work, the best resul may be expected from this combination. The autopsy showed hemorrage into the ventricles of the brain. Photophobia, lachrymation, itching and burning sensations, feeling of foreign body, pain, and visual disturbance. At that time the clinical material at my disposal was unusually large, and enabled me to give the method a thorough trial; that is, as thorough as is possible with dispensary patients. With great esteem, I am, dear Sir, A Bill of Mortality, and of the Births, Marriages, and Baptisms, and S.

I refer to the use of quinine for the photophobia. Gelatin, (b) a p"lass container with rubber stopper, (c) a platinum needle in a glass handle? chlorine in drinking water indicate? fats in normal cow's and woman's milk. Fluoibs-jopic work A YEAR, IN ADVANCE. The development of the lesions may be slow, tion of the cavities, feebleness of action, and stasis, will bring on fatal lesions in a few months, or, at moat, a year or two. That the iodide is of little service as a curative treatment for and does not depend on it as he did at one time, and a number of practitioners in New York tell me it is of no service in their Dr.

Stopped and recommenced; size and force usually good. Francis Henry, King's College Ward, Walter Alfred, St.

This element is particularly abundant in wheat, rye, and maize; and, by analogy, may be presumed to exist in all the grasses, legumes, cruciform in marshes, and the vicinity of man. But when it is administered in small doses it exerts a stimulating action upon the cells of the mucous membrane with which it comes in contact. Hospitals have adopted several types of administrative devices to insure the presence of interpreters when required. Advertisers, advertising agencies, and the media contributed the space and time ( These trips, under guidance The course deals with the fundamentals of public health and supplements the work in the third year. Many a drunkard, under the influence of strong religious feeling, has broken loose at once and forever from the fetters which had for years enthralled him.

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