Up to the age of thirteen this girl, now twenty years old, was perfectly well. He disputes the main conclusion that, because remedy of distinctly greater value in the treatment of diphtheria than any other with which we are acquainted.' It appears that the diphtheria, with a very low total of deaths, whereas the last three months were as clearly marked by the excessive prevalence of the disease and by a high total of deaths. The attack usually lasts bu a short time, and the deeds performed during that perioc are not remembered.

After this division the anterior talo-calcanean capsular ligament Is made tense by everting the calcaneus and is divided. The histological picture corresponds with that of the condition described originally by Gaucher as"Epitheliome primitive" and later by Bovaird as From the history it will be seen that the patient's symptoms began in early childhood, and at the age of thirteen a tumor was discovered in the abdomen. The bases obtained by Brieger from the cultures of the tetanus bacillus, while resembling strychnin in the production of tetanic spasms, differ from the alkaloid in not giving the color reaction, in not being bitter, and in crystalline form. When the disease has attained its height, the pulse becomes quick and the temperature raised, and there is swelling of the throat and congestion of the lungs, and in some cases high dehrium. Its operation is often followed by a considerable fall of temperature which may be perma pneumonia of the lower right lobe. The characteristic signs of abdominal pain and tefiesmus are absent, and the motions, though containing blood and mucus, are mixed with considerable quantities of faeculent matter.

Human infection is derived from raw pork.

It differs from the typical lepothrix of temperate zones by the nodules being soft, easily removed, and by the hairs not becoming brittle. The patients whom I have treated in this way have all done well; in spite of the free dissection and manipulation of the rectus sheath the flaps formed from it have not suffered in their vitality at all. In one the leucocytes were reduced by a half, the spleen being very little diminished in size. He grew very little in the interval and acquired the physical characteristics that stand out so prominently at present, and- which place the patient in the obscure class of internal secretion anomalies.

Freud views the whole delusional dynamic as one of reparative value. Despite the reduction in recent years of objects, such as drinking cups, which are directly contaminated with secretions, it b practically impossible to always avoid objects which are continually id) Lastly, direct approximation of the body surfaces of two different individuals, such as that which occurs during a hand clasp, kissing or sexual intercourse, will effectively transmit infective agents present on one to the other, under circumstances which of course are altogether favorable to the infective The term direct contact transmission is applied to the second and the last of these agencies, as well as to certain aspects of the first.

The results in pulmonary conditions are pregnant with suggestion.

It is not so fully collapsed as the surrounding normal lung, and to the touch it is slightly more resistant ( The bed of the nail in slender, transparent nails is therefore a good place for its observation, and may, in favourable circumstances, be seen there even in healthy people. It is highly probable that at least one-twentieth of all mankind are affected at some time during adult life with gastric or duodenal ulcer. It is easy to conceive that from sudden concussion or from rapid and over-strained motion, and at a time when, from rest and relaxation, the parts have not adapted themselves to the violent motiop required, there may be excessive play between thp bone and tendon, and the delicate membrane which covers the bone or the cartilage of the bone, may become bruised, inflamed and injured, or destroyed and that all the painful effects of an indamed and open joint may result, and the horse be incurably lame Numerous dissections have shown that this ioint thus formed by the tendon and bone, has been the frequent and almost invariable seat of these obscure lamenesses. The patient died years after the operation, and it was then found that the lesion was stenosis of the pulmonary artery. There are many helpful illustrations and in this and in other respects, such as the excellent paper and typography, the volume is one that cannot be too highly commended.

The finger or stick used for this purpose will be found to be off the line as seen correctly by the eye when freed.

It is bilateral, and comes on gradually. They had hardly reached home when they felt sick, and vomiting set in; at first, only the contents of the stomach came up, but the continuous retching soon brought up fluid loaded with bile.

A circular saw with large teeth presents a smooth edge when revolving rapidly, and the spokes of a rapidlyturning wheel assume the appearance of a glimmering disc. Alkaline treatment appears to have been useful in some cases. On the contrary, the earlier the growth is removed the better the prospects of complete recovery. In such a condition death may result inside of twelve hours. Even cases apparently typical must not be confounded with other resembling chest conditions, of which the most important is pleurisy with eflfusion. A period of eight to twelve weeks. Such a precaution, will avoid much needless mental anxiety. I have estimated these points in relation to the brim and the vertical axis of the symphysis.

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