The lack of enterprise in this regard on our side has been prodigious. Pare also taught how to recognize induration of the prostate and fracture of the neck of the femur. Large white patches of degeneration.

The President in his opening address alluded to the Hastings, of Worcester, and a few devoted fellowworkers, and paid a suitable tribute to their memories. It was seen that God himself made use of anesthetics Yet it is impossible to predict what would have been the immediate fate of anesthetics in general, and chloroform in particular, had not Simpson unexpectedly found an almighty ally, stronger than a fort of facts, more powerful than an arsenal of arguments. If the part is in the normal condition a For the sphincter reflexes, we must depend in great measure on the history of the patient.

But perfection has not yet been attained; the model battery has yet to be and too difficult to be kept in working order, and withal too expensive, to become popular with the profession.

All the symptoms mentioned previously appear in quick succession. But it sometimes occurs when no reason can be assigned. It is equally well known to paleontologists that one of the common variations among those which occur so abundantly in the senile stages of any phylum is giantism. Volume two concludes this admirable edition by Adams, which has already received notice in a previous issue. The autopsy showed, as in the case before cited, inflammation with numerous ulcerations of the large intestine. In some, but not all, of the sections extravasations of red blood cells are found.

In the course of ages, the human race accumulated such fear of the eruptive fever that when the epidemic swooped upon the crowded communities of civilization there were times when sick infants cried in vain for mothers who had fled. A short time afterward the mole began to grow rapidly; it became exceedingly vascular, and on numerous occasions it bled; sometimes after a slight jar of the head or by rubbing of the forehead. All members of our profession must be brought to a full realization that a tuberculous joint is not a localized condition, but a constitutional disease: that it is not sufficient, after a diagnosis is made, to rest the part and apply extension in an indifferent manner until the pain has been relieved and the deformity to some extent reduced and resort to fixation alone.

Abdominal section he found the stomach normal, but the patient died the next day, and at the posi-mortem a very small ruptured aneurism of the aorta was found. Interior of oesophagus; its chitinous straight and directed in nearly a right angle to the line of the rim. In other words, whether the mother eats much meat is a secondary consideration. There were gross changes in the nervous system and this was the reason that the prognosis was not good. Per cent, of quinine, the remainder of the preparation consisting of the otner alkaloids of cinchona which is claimed therapeutical properties equal to quinine," grain for grain," with certain material the drug as compared with quinine. The subject may fall into the hypnotic state if he expects the exercise of the magnetizer's influence, as in cases cited, in which the operator has told the subject that at a given hour on a certain day, he would mesmerize him without being present. As these are largely based upon the association of the symptom-complex with certain primary lesions of other organs, a grouping of the recorded cases under these primary diseases must be Tuberculosis of the lungs (with cavity formation), bronchiectasis, empyema, pyelonephrosis, dysentery. The vertebral column deviates to the left, with posterior conrexity.

The treatment was salicylate of sodium, and hot alkaline gargles, or the repeated insufflation on the tonsils of bicarbonate of soda.

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