Afterwards ordered the bran biscuit as in the preceding case, bat after two days she refused to take it.

If, at the outset, we take careful note of the fact that in all cases of nephritis there is diminished or delayed excretion of one or all of the urinary constituents, and that the close study of the rate at which these bodies are excreted, or the findings of a disturbance in the quantitative relation of these same bodies in the blood, rather than the determination of the amount of albumin or the number of casts, gives us the best information regarding the severity of the nephritis. It appears from the figures supplied that isolation and disinfection if practiced in the smaller communities can reduce the cases of contagious disease in round numbers from forty-five to ninety per cent. Patient had one slight recurrence after six months, for which he received eight rontgenizations, since which there has been no linkedin return. In rare instances a skin rash may be followed by more severe reactions, such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, hepatic necrosis or serious blood disorder. Howard Gilbert of Tonkawa, Oklahoma, who was recently released from the Army medical corps. The committee requests that all medical officers expecting to take graduate training norify them of the type of course and the dates.

Many students of tuberculosis believe that results comparable to those noted in acute diseases, such as pneumonia, should not be anticipated in drug therapy of as generally chronic a condition as tuberculosis. I call it false list sexual excitement, because it is not to be satisfied or complet d way a girl dresses is also a factor in sexual health. The photograph of the patient shows his size as compared with a man of average height. There was extensive thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins of both thighs. The plate method should also be used, for it occasionally gives additional information. The need of such precautioDs aa these ia in itself auffieient to raise senous doubts in the mind of any thoughtful practitioner as "" to the soundness of tbe principle on which tliey are founded. The general exhaustive nature of the disease, coupled with the frequent vomiting during the paroxysms, renders whooping-cough a peculiarly severe disease for weak or anaemic children, and not infrequently they die of exhaustion or tuberculous processes be strict.

We should in all of these cases pay especial attention to the occurrence of local tuberculosis elsewhere in the body in deciding upon the presence or absence of the disease in the peritoneum. Disease of the throat, since here the principal violence of the disease is expended. The reports indicate that influenza B was about ten times as frequent in unvaccinated persons as in those who were protected by the vaccines given about three times, as great as that in vaccinated persons of comparable groups. Ment; (d) that organic obstructions occur there, where the natural impediments are the most pronounced, that is at the angles. Their efficacy is limited in very acute cases with marked cachexia and asthenia. The amount of payer urea, except in extreme cases, the snmo as in health (due account hcing taken cf the diet of the patient at the time the urine h passed). The more prominent of these facts are embraced in the following enumeration: exudation into the pulmonary alveoli, and this exudation may be rapidly absorbed, leaving the tissues intact. Says the Fowler position is decidedly of advantage in cases where free septic material may be localized, in a position easy of access.

The figures for the isolated amino acids are from Osborne and Guest's recent"Osborne, Leavenworth, and Brautlecht have found, from analysis Amino acids isolated. Dinners for alumni A complete program of the conference appears in the The American College of Physicians announces that its general chairman and will be in charge of the program of hospital clinics and panels. The father could have recognized that the boy wanted to please him and to be praised by him too, like the sister, and he could have praised him for his excellent tracing. We look with admiration and pride, upon what is being done by man in every direction; we see his skill displayed in various arts, and his reason and intellect in the wonderful works of his hands. They are usually confined to the tonsils, but may extend to other parts of the fauces and pharynx, or may even be primary on these parts.

It constitutes, moreover, the first word on the subject of a new method of treating fractures. A very brief summary of our findings is as follows: At the time of our visit there were about eight hundred persons sick with typhoid fever. Neither ova nor parasites were found, though they were carefully searched for.