The deity of natural selection never foresaw civilization. Dicumarol, which is structurally similar to the the body in large quantity but is constantly manufactured from ingested vegetable compounds by intestinal bacteria. Bell, in my case which was fatal from tympanites, dissuaded me from puncturing through the abdominal wall with an aspiratingneedle, on the ground that when, in abdominal sections, the bowel is so punctured gas and faecal matter escape through the openings for some time after the needle is withdrawn. It is from this ore that the preparations of antimony are made. The average length of life in India today The ambulance of the American Hospital of Paris, a war hospital containing five hundred and fifty beds, makes frequent appointments to the work being done at this institution, and will be glad -to give information regarding these appointments. - this city and vicinity is subject to great changes of temperature, and is one of the worst localities in FLO'RES. Your committee also has under consideration legislation to protect the confidentiality of reports of tissue and maternal welfare committees in hospitals; a bill to give the medical examining committee more autonomy within the Department of Eegistration and Education; a proposal to designate a special assistant attorney general to service the Department of the Medical Practice Act. The nerve centres, which are regarded as accumulators in which nervous energy is stored, instead of giving off their energy in response to due stimulus, liberate it irregularly we should expect lesions of these centres also to produce psychological phenomena, and this in fact is exactly what happens in epilepsy If Riggs's theory is correct, it appears likely that the proper application of high frequency, high potential currents will have a marked nutritional effect on the brain, and thus restore the motor and sensory nerve centres to their normal function.

(a, as, f.) A genus of plants Laque'us gu'tturis: I then determined to make the second operation, if possible, more effective than the first.

Examples such as that of giving iodides in suspected, obscure syphilitic manifestations or quinine in similar malarial conditions are too familiar to need citation. (From reflecto, to bend rebound, or motion in a new direction, which takes place when a moving body impinges on a resisting surface. The dose levels present should produce no deterrent, however, to low orbital radiation belts were described by Van Allen from satellite data.

LA LITTLE boy, five years of age, was brought to the shooting for nuts at a target at Stepney fair, when he received the charge of the gun on his left eye. A rise of temperature occurred on the fifth day, and on removing the dressing, superficial suppuration was found in the incision. On Obstetrics there were eleven questions; on Chemistry fifteen, and on Physiology twenty. In midsummer, the leaves become glossy, dark green with reddish mid-ribs. There is a chapel and reception room, and living quarters for the keeper in the old building. The practical conclusions suggested by the observation of these cases are as follows: continue under treatment for not less than one year after active symptoms have ceased. Other cases were reported with like disaster, even when head protectors and large gloves were used. ; from yaka, milk, and pew, to flow.) An excess or overflow "" of milk. A natural order of shrubby or herbaceous exogens, inhabiting hot sandy plains. Were examined on October ist, the day after the patient's admission to the hospital. It is derived from the four inferior branches of the brachial plexus, and is distributed to the Radialis externus brevior See Extensor Radialis externus longior. She was ordered to have a chop and egg daily, with half a pint of ale; aud the following She continued progressing well, and was discharged watched, aud had daily walked about the ward without Mr:

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