Press,'" I consider," says Dr. The formula is shown to indicate the great activity of this basic structure. The result has been most satisfactory.

In some of these pulmonary veins of medium size, typical mixed thrombi do occur. The history of the cases of deaths from such conditions, as the bites of venomous reptiles, shows that the essential action has been to set up putrefactive changes in the animal fluids. - sulpLuric acid was employed in the miildlo ages, witL a view to its supposed local action upon tlie nlcera. During the first five weeks there was a slight improvement, was still practically unaltered. Recent action in atonic states of the intestine, characterized by flatulence, meteorism occurring just after meals, a sensation of weight in the epigastrium, habitual constipation, etc. In China the physician is paid only so long as his patients remain well, and on this basis modern methods of prevention insisted upon by a wise government will some day enable him to double his livelihood. In the case of two guinea-pigs also inoculated at the same time, both were found in a month and a half to have tubercles in the lungs and elsewhere. These symptoms were so to dry-cup the chest and to strengthen the heart's action with digitalis, and then he improved at once. There are times when a particle is so small it does not show on x-ray, but can be seen with the ophthalmoscope. He was graduated higher branches of his studies in foreign institu practice of his profession in New York city. In the last two years I have used several dozen bottles of Sanmetto in the treatment of various affections of the genito urinary organs, and with the most gratifying results in every case. It is thought safer to remove bits of placenta and shreds of membrane with the hands or a dull curette, than to allow them to remain. The facts indicate that in all cases it is the same nervous centres that are at fault, but what centres these are is a question to which, at present, there is no reply. But his discussion impresses me as indicating the probability that, while clear to a trained neurologist, most of them are overlooked by the general practitioner and the obstetrician. As a natural sequence, its removal when not followed by regeneration must throw more work upon othw glands that perform a somewhat similar office, but as other glands changes in the blood, and also we must expect that the habite and disposition of the animal will be changed through the blood. The use of the electro-magnetic battery for fifteen minutes produced absolutely no results (artificial respiration had been previously tried and Continuing the electric stimulus a few minutes longer, the lower jaw was drawn towards the sternum, and on one of the electrodes slipping over the brachial plexus, the arm was drawn up. NE of the recent meetings I attended has stimulated my thought may remember that the House of Delegates in May called upon the Committee on Hospital Relations and the Council on Medical Service to undertake a joint study of hospital-physician relations in Wisconsin. Woodward's foot slipped, and he fell. The red-eyed children, those having recurrent granular lids, with repeated attacks of mild conjunctivitis, derive great relief from syrup of Hydriodic Acid. Marriages, Deaths, and Personals are inserted free All letters should be addressed, and all checks and postal orders drawn to order of Medical Science, formerly published half yearly, has been commenced as a quarterly, to be issued on It is especially adapted to be taken with the Reporter, as few or none of the articles in it appear m our weekly journal. It was the first reliable preparation I was able to obtain, though I had made strenuous efforts for the previous cases through medical friends in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. The origin of this very confusing nomenclature is, no doubt, the fact that in the liquid the positive direction of flow of the current is from zinc to copper, and because the chemical action takes place at the zinc plate.

Over the rest of the abdomen the percussion note was normal, and remained so in whatever position the patient was placed.

In reality, however, the cost Is much less. There was no evidence of unilateral renal disease or of renal or suprarenal malignancy to suggest a secondary hypertension. Perhaps then, after all, the specificity of ferments is due merely to the fact that being colloidal in It is very significant in this connection to note that in their solubilities there exists a distinct relationship between the ferments and the substrats on which they react.

I hesitate to say how many harrowed parents apply for surgical relief for hydrocephalic offspring, or how many of the cases have been operated upon, or how discouraging have been most of the results. Complete directions, including dosage, route and technique of administration, precautions and contraindications if any, are given in the individual package inserts A supply of records of immunizations and tests are available to physicians on request.

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