The patient lived only about ten days, dying of exhaustion, and the autopsy showed perfect coaptation. These symptoms, along with the history, made the diagnosis pretty certain that dense adhesions had formed, most probably a quantity of organizing clot was still present in the articulation, and that the enlargement of the patellar bursa was due to effused blood. With original documents Trial (The) of Robert Donnall, surgeon and apothecary, late of Falmouth, in the county of Cornwall, for the wilful nuirder, by poison, of Trial (The), sentence, and confessions of Bishop, Williams, and May, at the Old Bailey, London, Carlo Ferrari, an Italian boy; respite of May; execution of Bishop and Williams; together for the murder of Fauuie Lilian Madison, March Outtings from: The Richmond"Whig. This adds a conservatism to pelvic surgery in that it makes operating easier and less hazardous. Of iron, and withheld the lancet for further developments.

Not only was his head large, but it had a peculiar shape, being rather box-shaped, with a marked projection of the forehead, flattened crown, and a distinct tumor at the junction of The face was somewhat larger than that of a normal individual of the same size, but was small in proportion to the size of the calvarium. His illness and inability to attend the present session of the Society and also to express a hope for a very speedy recovery. This is a striking example of the effect of loss of function on development. )"De consensu pectoris cum FoderX (M.) Recherches sur les sympathies Fkacastorius (H.) Liber I. W.) On the peculiarity of the papular syphilide of the Daiichez (H.) Deux cas de syphilis grave chez lo du pied droit chez une femme de soixante-quatro ans; iSyphilis in pregnancy and the puerperal (SypMJisof); Syphilis ( Communication of) through k I'histoire de I'iufluence de la syphilis, du traitement mercuriel, efc des ulcerations du col, sur la Foot (J.) Imijortant researches upon the existence, nature, and communication of venereal infection in pregnant women, new-born infants, employer centre I'aflfection syphilitique pendant Syphilis in pregnancy and the puerperal iiber den Eiutluss der Sj'philis der Mutter anf Decidua am Ende der Graviditiit syphilitischer Augagnciir (V.) La syphilis dans ses rapports avec syphilitic patient; nine dead children. De morbo gallico scriptores medici et GuARGUANTUS (H.) De morbo gallico. We can all agree with the author that measures directed toward improving the general health, such as diet, baths, mountain climbing, etc., play a more important role than the giving of drugs. With reference to this latter point it must be remembered that the movements of a tapeworm are sometimes powerful enough to raise, in a patient i)f spare habit like the one in question, an abdominal bunch anywliere in the abdominal tract, and that it is not only unjust to the movement power of the tapeworm, but even to the patient himself, in the danger that may arise in diagnosis, to attribute such abdominal bunches and movements to the hysterical fancy of the patient, when hysteria in its protean aspect is not at all present. I have seen more than one such case in which the shock was so great that the patient's condition was made infinitely worse, and in which the condition improved as soon as the local anaesthetic was discarded and general anaesthesia was employed. Beitrag zur Aetiologie der Schwanzbildungen beim (E.) Demonstration etnes durch Operation entfernteu des larmes, dans laqiielle on I'emploi du nitrate d'argent ponr le traiteuient de la fistule House of Lords on the sweating system; with. Presse A case of recurrent tibrosareoma of the thigh; amputation AVells (T. Oewre (A.) Ueber die Bebandlung der Syphilis obne Oliniann-Duuicsuil (A. Moos reports a case in which, after the falling out of a necrosed semicircular canal, deafness appeared, and with it permanent cessation of severe dizziness ( Hays, of Pennsylvania, moved the thanks of the meeting be presented to the President for his elegant, appropriate and eloquent address, and requesting a copy for publication in the Transactions of The Secretary read a resolution passed by the Medical Society of Virginia, recommending the appointment of a well-qualified chemist to analyze the most prominent nostrums of the day, and publish the results monthly in the leading newspapers of each State. Never having tried nuclein solution in cases of scarlet fever, I thought this a good opportunity. Such obstetric clinics could readily be made to resemble the diagnosis classes held abroad, as, for instance, in Munich or Prague, where parturient women are rolled into the amphitheatre from the ward or delivery room, and two students are called down from the seats, required to render their hands and foreanns ob of the instructor, then to examine the case, make their diagnosis of pregnancy or labor, presentation, condition of OS, membranes, vagina, vulva, bladder, rectum,! and hard parts, and finally undergo questioning from Should operation or interference be called for it is to be performed by the instructor; but should the case prove a normal one, the student may be permitted to complete the case, always under the criticism and supervision of the instructor, who should be expected to address not only the students at the case but the entire audience. Little reference is made to the work of others.

Malformation and pelvic inflammatory diseases are prone to cause sterility, so cannot be given as a frequent cause of abortion. Nance and myself, to work out a maternity clinic there on a rather over our own figures we noted that in the last twenty-one months through deaths, a mortality rate that is rather high. It is especially true of the colored race that their eyes are often quite prominent independently of any students to the staring expression of the eyes as a very unfavorable sign in chronic nephritis. As might be expected, the largest amount of space is devoted to pul monary tuberculosis, although influenza and pneumonia are fully entered upon. ) A lecture introductory to the course on materia medica and therapeutics in ergo propter hoc". But the exhalation of sulphur had affected them. We have tried to get them through without further operation. A small occasional loss of blood in a fullblooded person is rather a good thing, but in all cases a doctor should be told about it, as it may be curable, or it may be the sign of a disease elsewhere which ought to arms the wound should first be thoroughly cleaned with water and peroxide of hydrogen or bichloride of mercury the cut has been a severe one this may have to be followed by attention from a physician to tie oflf the bleeding points and perhaps sew up the wound. Almost identical changes are attributed to type, occurring in female children and adults. You will see a child from time to time in whom the convulsion will seem to occur entirely in conjunction with constipation, and I think this an important fact to remember as far as the ketogenic diet is concerned, most of this action as far as we know apparently is entirely in relation to the loss in body fluids.

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