It often appears with a cold, and a common name for the condition is"cold-sores." Herpes labialis often appears during the course of cerebro-spinal fever, as well as in the course of other fevers, and requires no special attention. Normally, the viscera were held in place by their respective supports and intra abdominal pressure, these being aided by proper poise of the body. In Atlanta there was none below ten; five from ten to fifteen; and two over twenty. Albani, the registrar of the College, stated, that the number of students on the College books amounted A memorial was read from Professor Benjamin Atcock, complaining of certain actsof the President and Council which had reference to the anatomical department under his charge, and which he conceived militated strongly against his interests and privileges, as in his opinion defined by statutory provisions. Any or all of these procedures may be necessary to complete the diagnosis. In some segments the ulcers were very closely placed, in others separated by broad patches of gray, swollen necrotic tissue. Modern historians (having no favourite doctrine to support) have ruined this celebrated brief, attack of fever. There are no Symptoms which they who had fallen into a high Fever, with a Delirium i Immediately upon Seizure, I ordered him Bleeding, and cool Emulfions, which took off the violent came to himfelf, he complained of a violent Pain in perceived the Startings, with the Gnafhing of his Teeth, when afleep. As president of the Senate Mr. With cooperation between the medical and the military branches, there seems no harm in admitting these perfectly compensated and quiescent valvular cases into the less laborious work of the quartermaster's estimations have thus far not been done as routine procedures in the local boards. The reagents used may all be introduced at the beginning of the experiment, and temperatures other than the final one disregarded. In the haemorrhage which takes place after the uterus has been wholly emptied of its contents, the same remedies, if actively employed, are successful in a large proportion of cases. Hemorrhages mav occur and haematemesis or melaena follow, though the bleeding is Cancer of the caecum is signalized by pain in the region of the caecum, with the presence of a prominent tumor, consisting of accumulated feces and cancerous growth, the local symptoms being accompanied by debility, waxy color and other constitutional evidences of cancer. Now another of the scourges used to drive out the vicarious agents of disease and sin, the atoners for guilt of all kinds, was one plaited of And now we are carried over to Africa, for while with the Greeks and Romans the therapeutic value of onions as purges was small, with the Egyptians they were highly esteemed as such. When this occurs we know that the condition has emerged from the catarrhal stage into the true ulcerative stage. The abscess was washed out morning and night for and the indiana whole covered with tarred jute.

In other cases the chronic disease may develop without intercurrent complication, and little active constitutional disturbance be manifested. All joined in a georgia vote of thanks to the Bicknell members for their hospitality.

The Hberation of gas proceeds rather slowly, being complete only after about twenty minutes.

Some things are to be borne in mind regarding and tested under official standards. - we believe that the law regarding the marriage of infected individuals, while an excellent law theoretically, is practically a dead letter and only increases the number of perjuries, because people are ignorant of the dangers of these diseases. In fact, cold air without wind is easily tolerated even by those who have a tendency to respiratory disorders, while wind and draught nuist be avoided.

Digitalis, tincture or powder, is given early. The Canadian Medical Association Journal, commentmg editorially on this paper, speaks of the remarkably successful results achieved by him m his work at unfit, over one half have been sent back to the fighting line.

Sabonrand remarque que les plus graves dont nous comprenons le mieux que nous ignorons la cause. The cyst lies in the plane of the "" superior strait. The forehead becomes high, square, and prow-shaped, with decided prominence of the frontal eminences; the parietal eminences may also be prominent, and the skull is elongated. Aloist heat is objectionable in that it seems to aggravate the condition. There is a marked and prolonged chill, and this may be repeated every day for three or four days, resembling the paroxysms of an intermittent fever; or, instead, there may be but the one chill, and the remissions and exacerbations of a remittent fever may mark the onset Instead of the marked relief that attends the intermissions or remissions of an ordinary malarial fever, however, the patient suffers continually, and is not inclined to get out of bed, marked and strong, hard or bounding, and there is severe muscular pain in various parts of the body, usually involving the lumbar and pericranial muscles; and these pains persist, though not so severely, during The totigite is coated heavily, with a white or pasty- white coating, the organ is broad and flabby, and there is a putrefactive odor MALAEIAL FEVEE: TYPHO-MALARIAL FORM.

The treatment of soft polypus consists in their removal.

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