In two of the six oases in which cure was completed, the operation was performed for the removal of scrofulous disease of the articulation between the tarsal bones; and in the two others the operation was for frost-bite of the anterior part of the foot. In vitro slight inversion takes place by dilute HCl, and this probably is what occurs in the stomach.

Found generally, but testis, and ovarium. As apoplexy has its precursive symptoms occasionally, so also has hemiplegia, and particularly when it is connected with a plethoric habit: for, in this case, the veins of the neck and face often appear turgid, there is an obtuse pain the mouth rather than at the other. On arrival in the tenant, Medical Corps. Hunt, in one of his clinical lectures, incidentally alluded to typhoid fever, which became historic and was a theme for medical lecturers in their clinics for many years.

There is good ground for the belief that the clinical difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke is too often overlooked. It will he neiessary for us to revii'W the iiiaiii principles of tliese two actions.

His weight increased from the outset and at the end of the third month he was eleven sea trip was advised to complete the cure. The progress was, however, mediocre when compared with that seen elsewhere.

Tiiese nerves are of eonsiderahle importance in eonneetion witli the (.'eneral IM-essor tihers found in the sciatic nerve are connected with the recei)tors that mediate the sensations of the skin. In cases where the subjective distress is very slight and htemoptisis and a limited dulness in a lower lobe can be determined, we may very readily infer the existence of small infarctions. Two of these now serve, as already mentioned, for slight surgical cases. Wood does not seem to he aware, that Mr. I have used faradism, but cannot say that it has hastened recovery. He has been urged to part with his prostate gland and the affected kidney, to have a drainage-tube inserted into his bladder and renal pelvis, not to mention a pleasing assortment of other surgical"help" money.) To each and all of these seductive At last he falls back upon the internist. The patient is able to move the right leg normally. Tant No cases were near his own residence, yet both wife and child took the disease, and the child Dr. This had been continued with sHght variation; instead of sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride was occasionally administered. The water supplied was from driven wells, and was of the utmost purity and clearness. A Royal Commission was at such a conclusion as to justify the publication of an interim report to the effect that human tuberculosis and bovine tuberculosis are, to all intents and purposes, one and the same thing.

; Incidence of Gastric Ulcer in with such a loathsome case as that from Wis- ton B.

He revived, however, with the aid of a little cordial medicine; and, the water accumulating afresh, a second operation was performed by a bistoury about six weeks after, when eight ounces of fluid were drawn off with little constitutional disturbance; which was succeeded only nine days later by a third operation, that yielded, by Uie introduction of a grooved director, twelve ounces, without any interference with the general health whatever. The author discusses the various theories advanced in explanation of these cases, and concludes in favor of the theory of endocarditis during fetal life.

We had lately occasion, when treating of PARURiA stillaTiTiA, to notice their discharge from the bladder they have been apparently solicited by friction from different parts of the body of an infant, with seeming relief to his distress. I advocated sterilization for the prevention of crime, pauperism, and mental deficiency, and I am pleased to note that the procedure is now being sanctioned by law and practised in Indiana, Cahfomia, Oregon, and Connecticut.

"Mi missus is deean," they would say;"she's wore out, so if you can't dea her any mair good, whya if ye please deeant come any mair." Threequarters of the way to a farmhouse I was stopped by the husband of the patient," Ye moant gan onny mairs now, ye've put her to rights," he said. Each day came the impatient question, if she was nearer the end. Sum lis arc set aside aiiil spc mnnicatioii should he luovidcil hetwecn the distant jiarts of the animal, for otherwise tin' cells which are occnpjcd in Mlisorhing foixl would I'c linnl)lp to move away or he protected from harm when some destructive never know when the welfare of the ort'anism as a whole (h'liianded that suhstaiiccs present in the circiilatiiii,' tliiiil hormones, as they jirp called for existence, however, such hiu'iiiones arc usually too slow in liriiinimr ahoilt the response, and very early in the evolntioiiar.v scale we find that cer external epithelium. The names given as a heading are attempts to cover the pathological and symptomatic range of the disease.

I am very sorry that the accompanying photographs are not satisfactory. They find that this inability to breathe deeply corresponds to Ml" increasinsf the minute volume of air breathed must be an important i;ii'tor in the production of dyspnea. FoUow tlw attempt to change recourse to the free use of opium; and when the distressing symptoms are relieved, he prescribes the mineral acids, cinchooa, uva ursi, and different preparations of iron and other tonics, joined and mercoiy, he recommeDds to be avoided; and the same part as magnesia, and in many cases be erery attempt at dissidTing the matter that has Mr.

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