As soon as the graft is in the proper position the whole cornea is dusted with a thin layer of iodoform, the lids closed, a bandage applied over both eyes, which is allowed to remain undisturbed for two or three days, and on the eighth or tenth day the eyes can be left opened, if all Von Hippel's conclusions are as follows: my method with the permanent transparency of the flap with a material improvement of the vision is undoubtedly demonstrated.

John Dipi-ose, giving an comb. ETFLTJENCE OF DISEASED TEETH OX VISION". Doubtless meets a demand auioiig students at hast equal to its merits.

After washing out the vagina and cauterizing any lacerations with pure carbolic acid, unless there was rapid and continued improvement within a few hours, he began by washing uterus of all clots. He considered this disease a very grave one, which ought to be treated largely by recumbency during the active stage, for the reason that we recognize that our apparatus is intrinsically imperfect on account of the nature of the problem. Give the student a postgraduate course, to fit him for the many special duties devolving upon him in the camp and in the field. I still think that a dressing is the thing Dr. Distinction as a surgeon throughout the Civil War, and was present at many battles. The ophthalmoscope showed the backgroimd of both eyes to be in a state of venous congestion. It is common for a horse which has shown no especial sensitiveness during the process of immunizing to manifest, after tapping, a marked reaction from the injection of one-half or one-quarter of the amount previously given without ill effect.

A few days' interruption of the sober routine of life, an opportunity to meet agreeable persons of like pursuit and kindred tastes, a chance to hear of new things or of old ones presented in a new way and viewed from a somewhat different stand-point, these are among the pleasures of life especially enjoyable and of advantage to one ever on duty, whose social life, even at his own fireside, is restricted, interrupted, uncertain. In the adenoma series, there were no operative deaths; therefore, since immediate and late results are so totally different in the so-called adenoma group, they have not been included in this paper on true cancer of the lung.

Sir Gilbert Blane, when serving with the English Fleet, operating in the of the English Naval Service, had similarly recommended, years before, as nothing affecting the health or welfare of the sailor seems to have escaped his astute mind.

If, however, the whole of the homoeopathic funds be given to the Queen's Hospital, we do not see what can be offered for the room they thus demand in the Infirmary, except it be the exalted honour of having homoeopathic gentlemen on the staff of that well-known and illustrious institution. He is to report those from whom collections cannot be made to the Board of Governors, and the members of the Association are to be warned by circular against died at the Presbyterian Hospital from hajmorrhage of the Xew York State Medical Association was held at the Sherman House, Babylon, Long Island, on the subject with great interest.

With the patient in the lithotomy position an incision was made about the cervix, and the uterus freed from attachments to half way up the body. Goodale's paper on"The Preparation of Diphtheria Antitoxin," which was read before the Massachusetts Medical Society at its annual meeting and which may be found on page Mechanical Dentistry in the Harvard Dental School, died August twenty-one years.

By turning to right and left the children may march to form scallops reaching around the entire room. And none suspect from word or tone how great the sacrifice to give Her quick eye detects the oversight or neglect on the part of another, and she quickly hastens to remedy the matter, careful that none shall know her hand has made by some ill-advised criticism, she deftly and tenderly drops the gentlest, the sweetest possible word for the criticised one, and switches the conversation to other topics. Thus, whether it be true or no that the bony marrow is a blood-fonning organ, it is quite evident that it is a much more important structure than has connexion with certain diseases, as scrofula, rickets, etc., and also on the effects which certain bony tirmours have on life. I did not try antifebrin because by this time I had lost faith in remedies of that sort for this patient. On Wednesday, upon adjournment, the members will be the guests of the Chicago Orthopedic Society for an excursion to the at the Chicago Club, Michigan Avenue and Van Buren Street. Being so frequently associated with stomach disturbance, it is often styled a sick headache; head and stomach disorders standing in the relation of cause and effect, though constantly changing places. It is much better in such a case to take a little, give it time to be dissolved, and then take more. Head more retracted; subsultus tendinum; appeared time; when quickly moved, general clonic convulsions; conscious. Now in Europe, where he with his bride will remain during Health Officer Dr. In the hall of the Army Medical Museum, which is open to the public, we do not place specimens illustrating specially tiie anatomy of the genital organs; but we do exhibit a series illustrating embryology, and especially the development and growth of the human embryo, aud there is no case in the museum before which the average visitor will linger longer. Again, right foot, inhale; left foot, exhale; right foot, expel with effort. Are German, you know, all German, you know. The act of sneezing will probably dislodge the substance; if not it should be left for a surgeon to extract.

He could not conceive such a functional condition continuing where the manifestations of the disease were uniformly the same without there being at the base of it some pathological change.

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