By Julius Fridenwald, M.D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Stomach in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, and John Ruhrah, M.D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore.

Disturbances could be referred to this anomaly only In order to gain exact information regarding the frequency of floating kidney in men and women, I of the physiological limit of kidney mobility.

Electric quantity; the quantity of electricity that passes during one second through a conductor having a resistance of one ohm, with one volt of electromotive force. A small, reddish-gray, vascular body, weighing about ten grains, contained within the sella turcica of the skull. If there has been any failure to get necessary supplies to Cuba, it has been because of the difficulty of securing adequate transportation and of landing supplies through the surf; but we have been constantly importuned to transport Red Cross agents and female nurses to the front. Renalis, an impression on the under surface of the liver for the right kidney and suprarenal capsule. Less than four per cent, of the children born have been vaccinated. One cannot easily see, either, the advantage of a scheme which makes the attending physician simply an automaton. Alfred Gordon read a paper entitled"Clinical and Pathological Report of a Case of Lead-poisoning with Remarks on the Pathogenesis of the Disease." He reported the case of a man suffering from wrist drop and intestinal colic and with a history of a previous attack of similar character. Fhe stomach of this newborn, when filled for the first time' to its full capacity, could, in the interval before the second feeding, empty only a part of its contents through the stenosed pylorus into the intestines. Eighth part of a gallon; a pint. While so engaged, the mother of the girl shut and locked the door of the room, so that the doctor could not get out, and he had to call to his servant out of the window to go for the police. The patient may be exposed to the substance to which he is sensitive and still fail in some instances to react. Every patient who clinical clerks, as we should say'; and if the case proved too difficult for them it was passed on to the Master's immediate pupils, and finally, if necessary, to himself. A tumor with an irregular surface resembling the cauliflower. Feet should not be treated because they are flat simply, as some of our best athletes have symptomless flat foot; nor is it necessary to operate upon symptomless hallux valgus deformities or os calcis spurs because of anatomic considerations alone. However, it sometimes takes a good study to determine by sound just what the present faults of utterance are, and still more ingenuity to instil the proper execution. Provision for health examinations and the arrangement of the kind and amount of physical education in terms of the recommendations of the examining physicians: For medicine proves for all these evils a manifest cure.

The corruption of the brain is caused not only by phlegm but by bile. Faith and suggestion play a very important part in the practice of the regular practitioner. Treatment of diseases by the administration of animal organs, or extracts prepared from them. On examining the iliac fossa on the right side, a circular area, two and a half inches in diameter, could be seen, which was very irregular, showing that the bone was partly excavated in an irregular manner, and there was also a rather definitely the gross appearances of the specimen that the sarcoma had developed from a uterine myoma. The importance of thorough mastication must be insisted on, especially if the diet is rich in carbohydrates. As a rule, the improvement was much more rapid in the misconceptions regarding the limitations of electrical treatment in this class of cases.

Benjamin, Pipestone, Minnesota, was elected president of the Southwestern Minnesota According to figures compiled by the New York Tuberculosis and Health association, the tuberculosis death named president of the South Dakota Public Health association at the annual meeting held in Huron, South Dr.

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