Those involving its contents are doubly dangerous unless given immediate surgical attention.

This has b regarded by some writers as favoring the view that many of the c too, with its terrible strain on the heart-valvca, may be accountable for amount of atheromatous change. The pick up the gauntlet that has been thrown down.

The memory picture of the shape of the bell, the memory of the appearance of the motor memories of the muscular movements required to write the other; yet they are intimately what is termed the word-image. There are two modes of typhoid distribution, epidemic and endemic. On the whole, however, the Arabians were, in spite of all this, of more importance intellectually' than the Christians of the Middle Ages. It is difficult to prove the nature of these cases, but their relationship to influenza is quite probable.

The odor of the placenta may help in making the diagnosis. No promiscuous display of unprotected foods.

Under bathing I will discuss very fully the different methods to be employed and consider their applicability in private houses. To effect these objects the agents must be given in fair doses (twenty grains of sulphate until the bulk of the enlarged spleen shall have been reduced to the smallest possible proportions. It is evident, therefore, that the results he has obtained in regard to the relative frequency of occurrence of the different tyi)es closely correspond with onr observations in New York. We want some discussion on this gynecological phase now. The curved metallic piece in the axilla is held there by a strap passing above the shoulder and is also fastened to the sling as it curves round the patient's neck. The symptoms are those of cerebral tumor.

While diverticula of the urinary bladder, of the oesophagus, and Meckel's diverticulum have been recognized and dealt with according to the apparent symptoms and accessibility, diverticula of the duodenum, I believe, have never been given the consideration they deserve, that they are, in certain cases, a real entity. It is not a mere mass of vegetative growth, but its every fibre is instinct with sensibility. Of Latyrion nothing is known but his name, and the fact that he and Sevems It is an innate characteristic of the human mind that, with all its efforts after rational knowledge, there still clings to it in all ages a certain amount of mysticism. Sir Joseph Lister, Bart, London.

In making the tests for sensation a wound was inadvertently inflicted upon one member which it was thought best to In closing, Dr. It is more probable, however, tUsI there are several toiic agents at work. Well, they are to be classed certainly as secondary and if they are secondary they are just as dangerous as if they were not fifteen years It is thought that just because there is no skin lesion, that gives them entree into any sort of service.

G., those of Graves's disease, of atrial flutter and of atrial fibrillation. Two swellings, each the size of a small pea, are seen directly beneath each cornea; in appearance they resemble abscesses ready for opening, but upon more careful inspection they are found identical with the gummatous swelling of syphilitic origin.

These measures Doctor Nichols carried out: and the sensibility recovered, the paralysis ceased, the dream states no longer occurred, and the patient returned to work a different woman, until alcohol sotrie months later produced another breakdown of which I have not the details. In any study of climate, the character of the soil deserves some consideration. If the residence is not in the country, a country home can be acquired, and its situation selected with direct reference to its fitness for the openair treatment. The worst reputation, however, belonged to the pharmaceutrise, a term almost synonymous with abortionists.

He had thought that the method rested on a sound foundation apart from the great personality of the devisor. Medical students particularly are often left hopelessly floundering, because the author has not expressed his own opinion, or indicated which method of procedure he has adopted as a result of his practical experience. The history of the individual previous to enlistment has an influence on the character and gravity of the symptoms of the neurosis. In concluding his paper cases of diphtheria with antitoxin demonstrates beyond all reasonable doubt that antidiphtheritic serum is a specific curative agent for diphtheria, surpassing in its eflScacy all other known methods of treatment for this disease. Other measures therefore it is of great importance that attention be paid to the treatment of this condition. When I was elected secretary of this section I felt that I wanted to do everything in my power to get up a creditable program because Dr.

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