The Pkesident then announced the following Chairman; E. Repeat the saline purge every two or three weeks, and give from five to ten drops of spirits of turpentine twice a day, one week, and gum camphor the next week. Due credit may be given by a brief paragraph of history in the oonsideratiim of the disease in works on practice. In six cases a few hyaline casts were found, which the urinalysis had not previously shown.

The loco disease is therefore probably not due at all to eating the loco weed, but is a name under which many diseases are included, some, if not all, of them probably parasitic. A few days after the intervention one may meet with certain acini in which a part of the cells show lesions while the other ones remain intact. The snakes are kept in tin cases of about the size of a five gallon oil can, with a wire screen on one side.

His one death occurred nine days after convulsions had ceased. American dentists have achieved a reputation which has sent them into the palaces of Europe to open the mouths of sovereigns and princes as freely as the jockeys look into those of horses and colts. He knew them, and could apportion the doses to each particular case with the nicety a man gets who dispenses his own drugs. This pain is almost constant, but is increased on taking nourishment.

He has now worn the and Surgical Keporter, it acts as heart-sedative, and, to a gi'eater extent, as a diuretic. Indeed, the mortality among the cases under the Professor's care in which haemorrhage took place, was on the whole lower than among those which did not show thiscomplication. " of the Germans; we have explained heretofore that one might consider, in a certain number of these troubles, a cause or a consequence of neurasthenia, according to the theory adopted. The arches of the palate, antenor and jiosterior. The great enlargement of the spleen confirms the idea of a malarious origin. We are glad to give any information in our power, in our Answers to Corresponcients; also to superintend the purchasing of Books, Instruments, etc., and to see that they are carefully Expressed to subscribers. It is this energy of stress, which is conducted from molecule to molecule in the nerve, that finally ends in an explosion with the result of a muscular contraction. The discovery of the etiologic factor gives a logic basis for the treatment of the condition. A leucohlastic marrow is, on the contrary, not connected with an increased erythroblast production. The history of sanitary measures in Chicago is one which, on the whole, does the city great credit.

The principle of precipitation applied in preparing the numerous"eclectic" resinoids, maybe applied to many of the familiar drugs which have loug been in use.

His troubles are chiefly about reUgious matters and the loss of his soul, and he has at times persistently refused food, and necessitated his being fed with the stomach-pump. At the trial, a physician, posing as an expert, testified to finding spermatozoa in the vagina, and on this testimony the innocent dentist was found guilty and condemned to a long term, ten years I think, in the penitentiary, dying there whUe serving out his Several yeATs after his death the weuld-be scientific doctor whilst visiting the Universitv was casually shown a slide of spermatozoa by Dr. His general health, at the time of the attack, was good.

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