Lactic acid, which is the most important of these acids, plays no essential part in the changes in the stomach. ThejMst jnortcm appearances show wide-spread lUcoration, sometimes hiemorrhage. The feeling became active in various quarters" that the Eclectics and Homoeopathists ought to be suppressed by law." Accordingly, the attempt was made year by year in the General Assembly to procure the enactment of a bill to regulate the practice of medicine by placing it under the control of the Tennessee Medical Association. Of current interest in the general fields of medicine and surgery. Another point in of great practical importance in doing away with shock is the employment of nitrous oxide for preliminary anesthesia. The standard for teachers' certificates has improved much. The minute haemorrhages in the submucosa so frequent in the extreme hyperaemic states to which the stomach is subject, by the pressure they exert and the tissue damage they determine, would also appear to be conditions contributing to the same result. Edward Seatox, whose services as medical officer of health and as physician are so well recognised, is a candidate for the post of assistant-physician at the London Fever Hospital. I was exhausted with overwork, and depressed by the effects of a cold, and neither the food nor the have been excessive, and I should probably Ijave suffered ac-'' In regard to the use of alcohol in dyspepsia, I think St. The Greeks gave up their former zeal for medical studies: So far as the returns have been made up, they show a considerable falling SERIOUS EPIDEMIC OF MEASLES AT CARDIFF. And by substituting hope of reward for fear of punishment; and instead of measuring administrative abilitj' by amount of punishment, we have come to take quite an opposite view, and to consider the terms" martinet" and" incompetency" as nearly synonymous. Thomas Smith, where apparently the symptoms were indistinguishable. A native of Peoria, III, Dr Brophy received his undergraduate education at the University of Illinois in Urbana. Performance and can be readily completed in five minutes. The membership of elected in accordance with this Constitution and Bylaws, Executive Board from members currently serving in the accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws.

The editorial pages appear first followed by"Book Reviews,""American News and Notes,""Foreign News," and"Correspondence." Then appears the"Original Articles" department, the first article of which is by Dr. On section the cortex markings and the glomeruli can neither of them be made out. Dexterity, rather than educated skill, was held in highest esteem. It is useful to start with the material around the world because it more clearly documents the menace The bibliography ia oy far the most extensive published on psychosurgery since Finally, I am grateful to Congressman Cornelius Gallagher for the opportunity to present the body of my research to the general public. Public sentiment, as well as natural instinct, was averse to such an act of mutilation, and surgeons had not boldness or assurance to venture upon its performance. Therapeutics, and Clinical Medicine, and Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Skin in the Medico- Chirurgical College of Philadelphia: Physician to the Medico-Chirurgical the previous editions, in that it will be divided into two editions, each independent of the other. For enteritis due to susceptible strains of Shigella tlexnerl and Shigella sonnel when Also for the treatment of documented Pneumocystis carinll pneumonitis. She was a teacher in the Sunday proud of the accomplishments of her husband and of the three physician sons, and their respective assignments. Rolleston has to any symptoms, may simulate those of appendicitis.