To assume that wealth brings happiness. This not only prevents distortion, but also induces more normal activity in circulation and in muscular action, and in increased calcium of the bone. Applied adhesive straps and a posterior splint of sole leather, after making passive motion." making at such times passive motion." and knee lap, together with posterior splint of sole leather.

To maintain the proper position, splints, casts or other improvised devices may be employed keeping in mind that the simpler devices render the patient more available If there is marked involvement of the muscles of the lower extremity or of the trunk muscles which are used in maintaining an upright position, the patient should not be allowed on his feet for six months to a year or even longer period, depending upon his response to treatment. The various lyaboratories are fully equipped for teaching and for research. A physician who was consulted considered him insane, and all his attendants believed him seriously ill. After keeping this up for nearly twenty minutes, a faint gasp from the little body gave evidence that some rcsflex impulse was traveling down that branch of the pneumogastric nerve and was waking up the slumbering heart.

A barium swallow demonstrated distal esophageal mucosal irregularities with small shallow ulcers. It is for such as have proved their capacity that the financial endowments should be reserved, for oftentimes they are embarking on a career holding but httle prospect of pecuniary gain.

He had performed tracheotomy, with the result of giving complete relief to the symptoms for about forty-eight hours, when the child died somewhat suddenly.

The attempt will be made here to summarize the chief chnica! phenomena that may be met with in one or another stage of a general, or of a local, atherosclerotic or pre-sclerotic process, laying special emphasis upon the distinctive marks that point to a regional, an organal, or a focal nutritional involvement. As a matter of fact many a wretched medical student has had his soul, which is the organ of citizenship, killed within him by his medical training.

Dr Clouston's conclusions as to the effects of chloral are, that it has proved a most safe and certain sleep-producer; that by this property attacks of insanity may probably be warded off in some cases; that its action in abating and soothing excitement is more uncertain than its sleep-producing powers, and that it is, therefore, only adapted for the treatment of short or recent cases of insanity, or to subdue temporary excitement. This operation involved much time and labour, and its chief objection, as it appears to me, is, that a good deal of the cutting and scraping must be done out of sight, still more so if the one incision on the inner side, as latterly recommended by Sir Wm. I got a few data as follows: Twenty-two years old; no abnormality of skull noted by family; eyes always large.

The professors would be chosen on account of their special quahfications for such posts, from among the best men to be found in the country, and their assistants should be drawn from all the schools. The disease commenced suddenly in twelve of the fourteen cases, without previous admonition; in six of these it commenced as a local peritonitis, which afterwards became universal.

The preparation of the book shows great care, and the various forms of simple apparatus that have been designed to take the place of the more complicated instruments known to the laboratory workers, are worthy of especial commendation for their simplicity and economy. The social entertainments given under the direction of the New York profession, will be on a scale of generous magnificence, we have no doubt, and will show the cosmopolitan character and ability of the men who now adorn the medical profession of We hope to gather from its proceedings valuable material for future numbers of the Journal. The cause of infection was undoubtedly willful violation of the rules not to visit native huts or Toward the end of the fiscal year reports from the Philippine Islands are to the effect that cholera is still prevalent in some places. Even cases of simple meningocele develop serious cord symptoms, and these may also occur in spina bifida occulta. Extension is had by means of weights and pulleys or a spring scale, under daily supervision and control, and the dressing of the wound where the wire passes through the skin should not often be disturbed. There usually is a trigger zone or area which, on being irritated, causes onset of the pain.

The thyroid gland was slightly enlarged, and he exhibited what the writer has called the costal fringe; namely, a network of teliangiectases following the outline of the costal arches. The house is built on the shore, by the new Promenade, and within a few minutes' walk of the There is a special department for Gentlewomen. When we correct one we aid the other, but when we treat both our results will be four-fold. Is one of the few that can be freely employed with certainty that all of the foregoing requirements have As a matter of fact, clinical experience has clearly demonstrated that one of the strongest features of Gray's Glycerine Tonic Comp. The male instinct prompts with different whisperings, for males, in virtue of a million years of war, are fighters, and to the fighter, to-day, when he lives, and the action of to-day, are more important than the morrow, which he may never see, or than the fruits of autumn, which he may never know.

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