Sometimes it is necessary to reapply the stimulus a number of times, but the tracing can finally be got. When the obstruction is below the middle of the small intestine or in the caecum, the distension occupies principally the middle region of the abdomen at first, bob gradually extends over into the flanks, the small intestines passing into the regions of the colon. The chair will be taken by the President, Sir William Thomson, of Dublin. Sims and myself as to originality in the treatment of vesico-vaginal fistule, no better proof can be adduced than the publication of the statistics of the cases treated by our respective modes of operating, and the fact that he abandoned in the Woman's Hospital his original The important questions, therefore, presented for consideration are two: First, which of the two procedures, one with the clamp -suture, perfected by him June, the treatment of all classes of injuries incident to parturition? And, second, what was the range of applicability of each procedure, from the beginning of its adoption, as measured by this standard of success? The peculiarities of the clamp-suture, first described by Dr. The sensations are developed into more and more complex feelings, till the hi(;hest emotions of civilised man are reached; and in a similar manner the intellectual processes grow from mere perceptions and cognitions to the highest trains of thought. There is generally no symptom present during life, but diseases of the pelvis of the kidney or the ureter are made more formidable in persons so affected, than in those normally developed.

Upon the characters of the excreta, the writer makes some valuable observations based on his own analyses. Certain rules must be observed in the wearing of pessaries of any sort. A cheap frame structure, detached from the main building, and suitably equipped, should be provided as soon as practicable.

There is a mean of condition wherein a cow should be kept, that is, neither fat or lean, but in a thriving condition. Above all, do not allow any severe caustic applications to the eye or allow anything blown into it. The sudden deprivation of exercise to a man of Lord Herschell's vigorous and active habits, no doubt contributed to bring about the fatal seizure which PRELIMINARY EDUCATION IN IRELAND. - as a diuretic in cases of dropsy, the old combination of squill, digitalis, and blue pill ia valves of the heart are met with. This he believed to be the cause of many cases of sudden dyspnoea in thoracic aneurysmFinally he says:" It is probable that the long-continued irritation of the trunk of the vagus may gradually, as in the cases of traumatic tetanus, induce such demonstrable structural changes in the nerve center as will explain the bilateral palsy, which appears to be one of the results of this chronic nerve irritation." We see here a foreshadowing of part of what Krause years later announced as the results of his investigations. It occurred, as near as could be ascertained, about the seventh day of the disease. In conclusion, he says very truly, however, that it should not be inferred that all the prominent changes in relation to the materia meclica within the past few years have been improvements, or have been for the good of either the profession or the public; for much doubtful medication has grown into common use with large numbers of physicians who do not seem to stop to think where the mercantile enterprise of the manufacturer is carryiug them.

The sorely bereaved can appeal to no higher court on this earth. This increase of reaction is said to be due to the deprivation of the inhibitory action of the paralyzed nerve as well as the altered nutrition of the muscle itself. Prevention is a dry and warm run free from dampness, cold, etc. Cured by the gentle pressure of a truss on the inguinal canal, so as to occasion obliteration of the neck of the sac, after which the fluid usually distinct from the vaginal sac, developed in the areolar tissue beneath the visceral portion of the tunica vaginalis investing the head of the epididymis. The frontal bone forms the brow, extending from the bony ridges over the eyes, back to the parietal bones; another portion extends horizontally backward, forming the roof of the orbit and the floor of the anterior lobe of the brain. Rumpf states that this patient was treated with mercury and with the faradaic brush and that the pains disappeared, sensation became normal, the vesical functions re-established, and the ataxia disappeared; only the impotence remained. A sedative itihaiation made of equal parts of chloroform is ranch commended in hay-fever and laryngeal spasm. This would give the GommiBsioners powers of sapervision when necessary, and probably ultimately of regulating the treatment by such provisions as their experience would suggest. Itis intended toconier PATHOLOGY OF THE THYROID GLAND. They incline downward (the upper much more than the lower), thus overlapping each other, and, when the column is erect, consolidating the vertebra? into a whole of extraordinary resisting power, since the arrangement described practically increases the anteroposterior diameter of the column. The more usual course is the converse of this, namely, that a hydatid of the liver exists perhaps for years, causes abdominal distension, and eventually discharges its contents through the diaphragm into a bronchus; then expectoration of blood occurs, with gooseberry-like skins, varying in size from a nut (in which case the cyst may be expelled whole) to an orange (in which case the sacs are shrivelled and empty), causing strangling and If the site of the tumour be superficial, altered breath-sounds and percussion-note may be observed, but if it be deeply seated, the physical signs may escape detection. Phthisis as being essentially labor of a few hours where escape from catastrophe seemed impossible, was not followed by the mother's death for some days. If the invading organisms remain at the point of entrance and produce local tissue changes, the condition is spoken Bacteriemia.

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