To the first class belong ice-cold, as well as overheated fluids and solids. Foetnl review deaths during cereals, green vegetables, wheat germ. And had sustained internal injuries from which he died in a few days. The alkaline urine is less irritating and I find patients much more comfortable this way. When she becomes nervous, her digestion and customer her elimination do not go on as they ordinarily should, and she becomes toxic, which later on may lead to eclampsia. As for treatment, prevention is the outstanding factor to consider.

In vaginal hysterectomy we grope between the ureters and not only run great risk of wounding them, but we do not give the disease as broad a margin as we otherwise might. To what a degree of progress the science of dentistry has arrived may be inferred from the list of papers presented to this congress.

Holmes' suggestive article' on this subject it is shown that while the increase in the total number of medical students has been very great during the last decade, the increase in the number of"college men" who have entered the profession has been very slight, and iu some of the more prominent schools the percentage has even slightly diminished.

Although she persistently denied the application of caustics of any kind, it was later learned from her family. The former used his own snare and ecraseur, the latter the galvanocautery loop. The sources of Vitamin A are found in butter, cream, green leaves and vegetables, egg yolk, liver and other organs, and cod liver oil. - my right to live, being but a life -'state. Isaiah McPhail, Jr., also passed the examinations required for graduation, but owing to a ride demanding a specified residence at college, his diploma cannot be delivered until that The exercises at the Academy of Music were followed by a banquet at Murphy's Hotel. Webster defines"research" as a careful or a critical examination seeking facts and formulating principles. This organization is deserving the support of all decent physicians, since its main object is reviews the elimination from our body politic of all indecent practitioners, such as abortionists, illegal of every description. EM The successive editions of this work have resulted in apparently a perfect treatise on diseases of infancy and childhood, so far as the wants of students and general practitioners are concerned. As soon as granulations are well established and the wound begins to close, a secondary operation is done if necessary. This is not what should be understood by sympathetic disease, as has been well shown by Mauthner, Schweigger, Maats, and others. The so-called" corona veneris" is a group of dull-reddish, scaling papules on the forehead, which are peculiarly significant in male patients where the lining of the hat irritates the brow. Experience has shown that real progress in community health education is accomplished only by organized, systematic and persistent effort on the part of the health officer or his assistants to inspire the public's confidence in himself In our best health departments health education is strongly emphasized. Attorney, give for a brief prepared in the wrangle of Now, strange as it may seem physicians manage to get a good deal of fun out of their craft, and while these recitals of experience spoke only of the ludicrous they implied much more. Many useful obstetric manoeuvres are portrayed in Plate VII is devoted to the application of forceps: some of the figures are excellent; but others will be less valuable to American students, as the nomenclature employed is not always that with which they are or, if in this country, by printers unfamiliar with English. A convulsion develops in every case and the majority of the supposed cases of the disease recovering in the hands of very young practitioners never show this symptom. Tt is seldom needed in uncomplicated hvperehlorlivdria; hut when this condition is complicated by atony, it may be necessary.

In another that lung ventilation and aeration is inadequately performed, and' The Prophylaxis of Xuberculosls. Exactly what it is, however, is a question that we need not enter upon now.