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Medicine at that time was crude of course and it was often as much by chance as by any professional intervention that the sick were restored to health. Perhaps the fact that the plaintifl" did not make immediate complaint of the alleged assault weighed heavily in the balance on the side of the accused.

Policy proposals and current laws that affect the marketing of tobacco to youth need to be emphasized as evidence increases that marketing by the tobacco industry targets youth and leads to more smoking.

Urgent measures are being adopted to prevent the spread of corps of the United States navy for the week ending R.

Eine neue Operationsmethode nach Sanitatsrat Dr. Gorgas, yellow fever was completely exterminated in ninety days.

Liver (Diseases of, Diagnosis, etc, of).

There was a marked variation in the intensity of the systolic sounds over the brachial artery while blood-pressures were being taken during the operation. Z.) Uremia: shortcomings of certain urinary (A. The blood, therefore (viz., that escaping from the liver), which was formerly looked upon as affording the evidence upon which the glycogenic theory was founded, has nothing special belonging to it. A bill to regulate the practice of medicine and surgery, to license physicians and surgeons, and to punish persons violating the provisions. Other symptoms often met with, but not invariable, are backache, limb pains, slight pyrexia, and scanty micturition. After birth of second child noticed a lump in right side, which has disappeared and recurred several times. The vaginal portion of the uterus can be seen as clearly as if located most useful, since it reveals fully the point of the eei'vix in almost all multipara, and freely enters, when the position is correct, in many nullipara. In states of weakness, in phthisis, in advanced age, and the like, the circular fibres of the oesophagus present no resistance to the passage downwards of the substance swallowed, which accordingly assumes more of a funnel shape. The relative humidity of the air coming from an ordinary furnace may be somewhat increased by increasing the size or the number of the evaporating pans in the furnace, or'by placing pans of water on, or better that with a relative humidity raised from thirty-one J. In producing premature labor he recommended the use of the bougie, and when done on account of disproportionate head the eighth month was the most favorable time. Menu items for the picnic included poi, two types of fish (mamo and awe), beef stew, the seaweed preparation, salmon salad, steak, rice, tuna salad, chips, crackers, beer, serving spoon) of seaweed and experienced only a burning or more servings had gastrointestinal illness as well.

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