The as a sequel of haemoptysis. Again, no one who has studied the anatomy of the various forms of ovarian cystomata can doubt that the multilocular cystomata arise in Graafian follicles.

There are no pathological alterations occurring even in the joints to individualize the nature of the disease, although often suggestive. Five thousand units of antito.xine were administered on the day of admission, the same dose being repeated on the following day, but in spite of specific therapy, the condition of his mouth and throat grew steadily The general condition of the patient, however, remained good until the evening of the same day (the fourth day after admission), when he was seized with a generalize,' convulsion, which within an hour was followed by two more convulsions. The raents for the comfort of patients and their treatment presents several new features. The changes taking place in the flat bones are best studied in those of the cranium, which become much thickened, especially at their edges, resulting in prominence of the sutures when ossification is completed. A The cases cited are mainly those which came under the author's personal charge during his practice at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and the volume contains much valuable information drawn from his surgical RUDINGER. Three grains of phosphorus were exhibited at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, which produced a little quiet; but the patient became so thirsty, that he could not refrain from drinking. "C hrist was no"hcalcr." I)ut complained aloud of liis suffering, or cried out,"My God. The peasant stated that he found the valuable document in a pot in the excavated walls of a mud brick house cheek by jowl with an ancient cemetery. It is under this ligament that the femoral vessels pass; and when the intestine or omentum passes underneath it, the disease is called a femoral hernia. See how you can put balance into your life. This condition continues with increasing stupor or periods of improvement until death occurs, which is seldom delayed longer than two or three days. The annual assessment is three third Thursday in January, April and October.

In case of Habitual Abortion, give Caulocorea as soon as pregnancy is discovered, and continue until gestation is far CAULOCOREA is put up in Pound Bottles, for Physicians' Prescriptions only. The Minnesota Psychiatric Society is sponsoring their annual winter meeting in Vail. The annual assessment is two dollars.

The doctor should wear a gown in the typhoid room and before leaving should wash his hands in a one to five thousand solution of bichloride and the nurse likewise. Potential impairment of performance of such activities may occur the day following ingestion.

As regards the diet we must feed as we would in health, making a modification only as the fever compels and giving as full a diet as can be properly assimilated.

This work will go far to restore accomplishments from oblivion. Sometimes intercostal brachi nerve trauma cause prolonged post-operative symptoms (

Y., and directed to proceed to Guayaquil, Ecuador, for duty in the office of purpose of conducting a physical examination of four Official list of changgs in the stations and duties of oncers serving in the Medical Corps of the United States Corps. It is a very broad, thin, and for the most part, fleshy muscle, which is placed immediately under the skin, except where it is covered by the lower extremity of the trapezius. Complete ancillary support including anesthesiology, radiology, pathology, etc.

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