In instituting this special medal of merit, the British Medical Association has expressed its sense of the high claims to gratitude of those gentlemen, and has at the same time established a precedent for the recognition of high merit of the kind, which will have an enduring, and it may be hoped an increasing, value. This opinion has arisen from the appearance of the muscles on the concave side of the curvature, when exposed by dissection, being supposed to be indicative of their having been strong and contractile, while those on the convex side seem to have been elongated and relaxed. The earlier the reabsorption takes place the more favorable the prognosis. In this condition dark-red points consisting of extravasated blood may be seen scattered about. I have the records of one such case, an ndult male, I was unable to say certainly that the larynx was the only part involved. By William the Infirmary for the Treatment of Rheumatism and Cutaneous Diseases in that Diseases. Richardson, teaches us that all the alkalies are resolvent, that is, they lead to the solution of nitrogenous tissue; that after deaths from alkalies, there is fluidity or partial fluidity of the blood, dissolution of the blood-corpuscles, softening of the soft parts, absence of cadaveric rigidity, and extensive but simple vascularity of the mucous surfaces and These are enough to show the certainty of some of these chemical actions. All its forms, and the most approved plans of treatment. Which remains, are often the sources of troublesome symptoms; such as very numerous subcutaneous abscesses, angina, irritations of the chest and intestinal canal, approaching to a state of In the last edition of the Hints for the Treatment of the principal Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, the following brief notice of an affection of the thioai is which begins in the form of a whitish spot, like that of thrush, (though more definite in its shape, being round or oval,) on one or both tonsils, unaccompanied at first by fever, and attended with only a trifling degree of uneasiness in swallowiDg.

The finger was The stone proved to be of the mulberry variety, of a light brownish color, rough, and about the size of a partridge egg. The father replied that he was xqvj much better, but felt quite sore. On passing a sound towards the bladder, it stopped in the prostatic region, and struck a stone or stones.

The most conmion seat is on the anterior portion of the middle turbinated bone and on the median surface of the inferior turbinated bone at the palatal portion. The mucoid cells will often be stained by the liberated coloring matter of the blood, and pigment-granules may be found mingled with the will be found in the sputa, when floated in water, casts of the alveoli and Verdeil thought it due to the excess of pneumic acid in the mflamed lung. The relief she now felt was very great.

Notwithstanding this difficulty of classification, the troubles of respiration and phonation due to the complete or partial paralysis of the muscular apparatus are, for the convenience of study, divided into groups. It sometimes seems a mystery how these patients with almost no care at all, get along better than the one who has everything done in the best approved methods of the present It has been demonstrated that there are cocci, staphylococci and bacilli in the genital discharge even in normal cases, and under these circumstances it. It produces a strongly alkaline urine, has a very strong tendency to cause a recurrence of a stone, and which is probably its worst property, it is usually difficult if not at times impossible to eradicate even with the newer urinary antiseptics. The remedy will soon, however, find its proper level; and, in the hope of preventing its indiscriminate use, I am induced to relate the following case, which will be sufficient to show that, when used to abraded surfaces, the effect of the exttact requires vigilant obstinate cutaneous affection (Psoriasis) on the fore part of his wrist; the patch was about two inches and a half in length and breadth. Occasioned by the epidemic, completed their chromo-lithographic of the printing department, through whose unremitting and painstaking efforts many difficulties were overcome, many thanks Oldach Sc Co., book-binders, have furnished work the excellence of which examination will demonstrate. Its toxic effects, if used in too large quantities, should not be forgotten. Daring the time that the leper was under the author's observation, he was lakitig, by Dr.

A careful local examination done sufficiently early will in the largest number of cases reveal the infective area at some point of the canal in the form of a so called puerperal diphtheritic ulcer.

The color of the normal nasal mucous membrane is of a light pink shade in what is termed the respiratory portion, while it is of a yellowish hue in the olfactory region, that portion of the mucous membrane which covers the roof and the outer walls of the nasal cavities down to the upper margin of the septum, we find a tissue which bears a striking resemblance to the erectile tissue of the genital organs.' It is composed of a network of fibrous tissue, the trabeculse of which contain a few organic muscular fibres. Spasmodic torticollis is due to some form of cerebral lesion, probably tlue to sclerotic changes in the vessels.

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