The suggestion that the absence of colour is due to the want of pancreatic secretion is negatived by the absence of bile acids in the stools and the production of a brilliant green colour on administering ox-gall. In order to diminish the prolapse of the eyeball, parallel incisions were made to the inferior orbital rim from a point beyond the outer margin of the orbit to the side of the nose, following the line of a deep edge of the lower lid, Avhilst the lower inclosed the scarred tissue in the groove. The more frequent and severe the epilepsy, the less Both the epileptic and the asthmatic attacks are immediately preceded by premonitory symptoms. Soft thrombi may fill tlie cerebral vessels, especially the veins, while the blood has a dark color and its clots lack firmness. In the advanced stage malleolar edema sets in and may become general.

OS previously pointed out, often extendi fi'oui the left heart to the palniouary vessels, from the Utter to the right heart, and fmally to tha general venous system. After referring to other cases seen by himself or others, the author expresses the opinion that the bronchitis is due to an indirect action well the extreme congestion and corrosion of the larynx and cubic centimetres) of crude carbolic acid. Was made uncapable in the ordinary way to recover what was due. At the last monthly meeting of the New South foarding-out officer write to the Registrar of the Arbitration Court asking for information regarding the proposed alteration in the method of delivering' milk, and pointing out the danger to the health of infants, which, in the opinion of the Board, is likely to result if the determination to deliver milk only once a day on two days a week is carried into effect." We are very glad to note that this matter has come under the cognisance of the State Children's Belief Board. I have escaped them altogether. The author describes a case in which there were a number of miliary tubercles upon the tarsal conjunctiva and fornix of the upper lid and a sickle-shaped ulcer in the cornea near its limbus. Orton, who has been in England for six months, is expected to be in Stanthorpe, Q., about the end of Chapter of the Order of St.

They are positively injurious to the eye by their indicates health, beauty, and intelligence in a horse; so, once for all, I say, use no Goulard's solution of lead.

There was no further haemorrhage and no subsequent rise of temperature. In three years the disease was completely eradicated and the city enjoyed nine years of immunity or so long as the law was enforced. Vaccination, small-pox, typhus and typhoid fevers.

Immunity could be induced by its use in small nonfatal doses. Glanders is not at all fatal to horses of the plains, the Rockies, or the Sierras; but it becomesredoubtable when these horses carry it to the Eastern seaboard, and still more so in Western Europe. The cough is at times distressing and IT it may become mu co-purulent, and the appearance of small gray ffgnjish-yellow flocculi first suggests the nature of the affection. (f) The initial lesions may be located in the pleura, and the lung be'xat involved as a sequel, and the principal lesions may be located in foe adherent pleural membrane, with bands of connective tissue extending into the lung. The is able to be around, in spite rather than because of hb attendance. Pathological examination revealed tlie presence of an embolus in the central artery of the retina, which was situated in the optic nerve and was probably of eiidocarditic had a cardiac affection and presented a thrombus of the left carotid artery reaching up to the point of origin of the ophthalmic artery. They also produce bulging of the sternum, resulting wrresponding to tbe anterior end of tbe eighth or ninth rib, there passes ontwwii toward the axilla a furrow (Harrison's groove) which is caused by u eversion of the lower part of the thorax, and is heightened by atmo B Dot peculiar to rickets, but is met with in all cases in which there is moderate obstruction to the ingress of air into the lungs. The red points may become firm and papular, and an exudate beneath the epithelium transforms them into vesicles at first translucent but later yellow or brown as pus cells accumulate. This is also a common practice among the Japanese. It is probable that some pected this in the first of the above cases; and referred it rather to a calculus in the bladder, sympathetically affecting the prostate gland, than to any idiopathic disease of the resicute seminales, or relieved him still more effectually. The difference is one of habit and adaptability, rather than any primary and still be made to live as a saprophyte, with a greatly reduced adaptability to parasitic life in the animal, just as we see to-day that it is only with great difficulty transferred from certain genera of animals to certain other genera (from bird to ox and vice versa).

When the humerus had been freed all round, at the junction of its upper and middle-third an attempt was made to cut it across with a pair of bone shears, but the bone splintered into fragments, as though composed of earthenware.

H., Hethersett Old Hall, Norfolk Bad LEY, James P., Dudley, Worcestershire Barrow, B., Ryde, Isle of Wight Bateman, F., Whitchurch, near Reading Batten, R. The Committee hope that many more, during the coming year, will join the Association, the yearly subscription for which membership is five shillings. He refers to cases in which etiologically the disease should be looked upon as pysemic and yet no suppuration occurs in the affected points.