If the whole system is inactive so will the bowel be.

It was the stone that was an index of what has been called"the blues" or what one modern writer has dignified by the title"splanchnic neurasthenia." Dr. It is impossible, therefore, to urge too strongly the necessity of extreme and even exaggerated care in this direction. They were not simply two different metals, but a combination of many metals, with even a little of the precious metals in them, partly because by this subject. In a paper published recently in the JoiTRNAi,' entitled" Is Mercury an Antidote to Syphilis?" I find the following remarks:" Diday, and in this opinion I am inclined to agree with him, considers that modern syphilis, as the present generation sees it, is, in most cases, a mild disease generally curable enough; and adds that but few cases are followed by visceral disease or affections of the nerve-centres. Thus the tonometer gives us the quickest and easiest index of improvement in many of our patients. Materials lor the practical classes will be charged extra when Physiology, Chemistry, Medicine, Surgery, and Jlidwifery, one cases, be charged according to a ti.xed scale. D represents a metallic socket at the end of the tube, to prevent perforation by the director. The electrocardiogram may show many significant changes, none of which is specific for myocardial contusion. Physicians had recognized its functional character and had used methods of suggestion without success. In any of the subjects named for the first year's coitrse of medical studies will, upon the production of certificates of attendance in recognised institutions at proper courses of instruction in such suliject or subjects, be exempted from attending lectures on, or passing examinations in, such subject or subjects; year's course of medical subjects, pro-s-ided in every case that he shall have obtained at such B.A. Severe frontal headache and marked congestion of the face; very slight jaundice; a trace of albumin appearing at the end of the second day and increasing subsequently; such, together with a very characteristic temperature and pulse curves, were the prominent features of the case. But when papers on practical subjects, which have been read before scientific meetings, are reproduced in popular style with sensational headlines like the latest murder, we think it time to protest, in the interest of the authors as well as of the public.

The maintenance of health merits consideration for its own sake, but until such time as this idea becomes part of the general science, health measures must be demanded if only for purposes of financial retrenchment or to secure more rapid educational progress. The circulation to the affected parts must be stimulated by local treatment, by rubbings, by the milder liniments, by massage and manipulations, and by local hydrotherapy. (Obviously, some people die because one or another of their innards tired of filling out forms they don't understand and sending them to ribbon clerks who don't understand them either. Crookes' theory, the possibility of mental reciprocal influence, even at a distance, is greater for them, since their brain cells must be considered as having corresponding moments of vibration. The infrequency of secondary cases resulting either from direct or indirect contact suggests that its communicability is far lower than that of scarlet fever, diphtheria, or typhoid fever. Describes a combined intubation and extubation outfit which enables the operator to perform both manipulations with the same instrument. Thickened gallbladder bound to the intestines and liver bydense adhesions, the latter organ adherent from old perihepatitis; the cystic duct dilated, and a large stone held at the junction of the cystic duct and the choledochas, at times obstructing the hepatic duct; the liver much enlarged; Riedel's process Washington for supposed gastralgia, which was more or less continuous for several days, required morphin for i-elief, and then faded, and again became more intense. In some cases the author gives three doses of bismuth subnitrate, each remarkably. This is often quite without foundation, for nature's compensatory powers are very wonderful and seldom fail to afford relief. A man who is working hard, and who feels the need of exercise, will not take the easy natural way of getting up half an hour earlier, having his breakfast half an hour sooner and then walking down to his office four or five miles, but he hears of someone who gives vigorous massage and he engages him to come every morning and exercise him for half an hour or an hour.

I strenuously contend that there is no active destruction of sugar carried on in any part of the circulatory system. This amount of carbohydrate may be supplied by fourteen ounces of orange juice or eight ounces of grape juice, or two and one-half ounces of bread. The chest is fully inflated, and powerful efforts are made by the respiratory muscles.

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