As far as therapeutics is concerned, nosology has been an injury instead of a benefit to its growth, and will continue to be just as long as we tolerate such an From what we can discover, nosology was the natural result of need.

Chemical examination of the pump-water showed it to be at least of suspicious nature, though the taste was not unpleasant.

It may, therefore, be mentioned, that any formula (not including liquid or deliquescent materials) can be prepared in this agreeable form in scarcely more time than is required for ordinary dispensing; and many physicians, we learn, now send their own formulae to suit each case, not much more than a quarter of an hour being required to prepare effervescing lozenges of any suitable composition. Had wreaked through his liver a sunburnt streak. Chicago Medical Journal and and Surgical Reporter. Now my only reason for venturing this very question of dietary in training, and on the other conditions of nitrogen is of immcnitc value to Ihn.r engaged in rapid and severe peculiarly fitted to quick work. On awaking, she got up, walked about, talked freely, and, though some chairs, and, complaining a little of pain, had some hot flannels taking a few mouthfuls of an egg pudding, she vomited, fell back pale, At the necropsy, thirty-six hours after death, the abdomen was found to be distended with flatus and fluid, and the umbilical region discoloured by bruising. At its lower end it becomes larger, forming the ampulla of Henle separated by a small valve from the cavity of the vesicle. In short, in the presence of marvellous therapeutic agents that scream multiplicity of"cures" from the housetops, we are at one with the landlord in"The Journey's End," a short story by Jeffery Farnol in the Century for November, when he says,"Soldiers I've knowed, and sailors I've knowed, but I never knowed nobody as had been a sailor and a soldier." Occupational diseases have been so thoroughly studied that one would suppose we could almost predict what will happen to a man after a few years of over-use of some organs and tissues with under-use of others in the special environments of his trade.

It is rather the repeated haemorrhages which produce the permanent changes found in a bleeder's joints. If the operation is a felon on the finger or removing a toe he applies the tourniquet at the wrist or ankle. The point to be sought is that at which there is no excess of either drjTiess or humidity, and this is to be found in the neighbourhood of the capital of the Free State, Bloemfontein.

A ligature applied to the neck of the sac including the appendix, and with not sufficient force to hold it in situ, would not have been sufficiently tight to control hemorrhage, and therefore the patient would have been Dr. But there are still many places where efficient sanitary administration is habitually and deliberately neglected. I do not think that they were well trained, and in consequence of that the Secretary of State allowed us an augmentation to the Hospital Corps which i.s represented by the depot and the school at Netley, at which all the' men are trained. No source of infection had been found when I saw him, and it seemed probable that gout had some share in his arthritic troubles, but that probably some other element which we did not discover also participated. To prevent traction or compression of the attached coil of gut by the dressings, we have been in the habit of placing over the wound a semi-globular tea-strainer, which permitted the escape of all secretions and prevented the adhesion of the dressings to the intestine. The range of application of this remedy in derangements of the female reproductive organs, is in those conditions characterized by nervous irritation, spasm and pain, and hence it is indicated in ovaritis, ovarian neuralgia, functional dysmenorrhea and in nervous manifestations and restlessness occurring during pregnancy. Now, to return for a moment to the Bruuoniau system, or heresy, and the apparent defeat which, for a time, it appeared to inflict upon the traditional or more orthodox medicine, represented by Cullen. I have not seen the lymphoid nodules of the submucous layer enlarged or tender in it. Vii., says that since a deeper insight has been made into the relations of certain pathological changes of the heart with diseases of its vessels, the attention of clinicians has been drawn to sclerosis of the coronary arteries, and the afi'ections which seem to depend upon it ( And since the possibility of harm to the serious side of life can no longer be considered, would it not be feasible to introduce similar ideas into the life of the American physician? By"similar" we do not mean an apish imitation; rather do we mean the nurturing of any talent, no matter how small, until it blossoms forth into something that is above the In advocating diversions of the nature indicated above, we are prompted thereto by our observations of the average American physician's life. This peculiarity of the eye had been known to the patient for five years, and its occurrence was associated with the carrying of a heavy load. As a result, they medical examination, provided no payment were made for deaths occumng within one year of assurance. The growth was excised and microscopically examined; it was found to be a papilloma, though one part of the section showed a suspicious downgrowth of epithelial processes with a. " We therefore," he proceeds to say,"in immitation of so royal an example, have now taken into our consideration that tho establishing and practice of learning and humane sciences is not a little available thereto, and amo-jgst others that laudable and necessary art of physic the practice wandering and ignorant empyrics who for want of restraint do so much abound, to the daily impairing of the health and hazarding of the lives The King then directs that a Collega Society and Corporation of Physicians be"created" according to tho rules and form of the Ireland was established on the lines of the London College, as the rules to regulate graduation in medicine in the University of Dublin were framed nearly in conformity with those of Cambridge.

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