If there be much pain in the back the sensitive region should be covered with an anodyne plaster. When, however, typhus occurred in pneumonic cases where the patients were debilitated and feeble, there was great restlesness; and almost uninterrupted delirium continued after all the other grave symptoms had passed away, and this delirium was quieted only as the patient recovered strength and health. He may serve from the middle of October until December from twenty to thirty sows, and as many in the spring. Sydney, and other world centers of importance. In tlie acute inflammatory swelling of the lymphatic glands of tlie neck, wliich is so excessively painful and so often runs on into suppuration, I have found great benefit from the free use of the extniet sot"tened with glycerine; occasionally, if the pain is very great, employing a linseed-meal poultice over the extract for a few hours only. With metrorrhagia, the correlation of the endocrine glands must be borne in mind, and the extracts of the antagonists utilized, the thyroid, the mammary gland or the pituitary.

Parendivnia or cellular tone tiln.uod fold of the penUmeum holding the firtal Meaorec'tum. They all have four etoioachft.

Of the animal Scientific gland therapy is based on the; ingestion of associated gland substances to i become"a store of potential (gland) energy, j Scientific gland therapy is the giving of i gland substances as you would give food, I to meet, thru physiologic selection, the j gland food (gland substances) needed in i physiologic law of repair. Serpentaria is valuable in all cases of fever, and especially in typhoid conditions, when stronger or more active stimulants cannot be borne.

Rogers, who assisted in founding the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was its first president, and other brothers were Robert E. E, Organ, the ecDcml Diime for Ihc Icnninal oreu) orjwirtof ascnsoij EndarteTi"tis (nJif, uFilhtn, alrritif). But in comparison with the advantages to be derived from them, this objection is not weighty. The purchaser, intending to transplant, must prepare his soil with reference to this anterior state of existence, if this is not borne in mind the trees transplanted to the farmer's orchard will not thrive; they may grow for a time, but they will not exist for any number of years; and the fruit grower should bear in mind that he is not building for a day, but for generations. It is palatable to the nth degree and gives the physician a cooling and refreshing beverage, free from any hint of medicine, yet pregnant with therapeutic value. To guard against drowning, a thin piece of wood, perforated with holes, may be so placed upon the water as to cover Sunshine and Shadow Too much heat is injurious to bees: An animal gum tome tnctire pnacq)ks cxcr a mariced cAed on ing pondysis and death from bean failwc. Theodore Polhemus, when generously donating a fund for the erection of the Polhemus Memorial Clinic in memory of her husband, added to the clinic building sufficient space to be used for the instruction of students; so that the college had, through Dr. In from five to twelve weeks, the normal irritability of the rectum is established, and there is a natural desire for defecation about twice daily and usually after a meal.

Tournefort in"Institutiones rei herbarise," second edition, foliis cavis et auritis. A valuable, in fact, indispensable adjunct, is juice of beef, milk, white of eggs. In some cases a comparatively faint opacity will produce a much greater dimness, especially if the cornea is also facetted, than one of great depth, but of more limited dimensions.

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