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ULCERATION CARIES NECROSIS CENTRAL AND SUBPERIOSTEAL SUPPURATION ABSCESS IN THE SUBSTANCE OF A BONE. He adds that the current from the contact of the positive pole is injurious to mucousmembrane passages, and near the prostate may seriously injure the constitution of that delicate gland.

New interest was given to fibrin formation some years ago by the statement of Neumann that it is formed not on but in the serous surfaces, and that most of what are regarded as fibrin filainents reall.y are connective-tissue fibiilhe which are transfom-ied into fibrin. It follows that dysentery constitutes one of the most serious difficulties in warfare, especially in tropical campaigns, and that its epidemic outbreak in overcrowded institutions not infrequently occurs. The actions ascribable to this globulin are the production of local oedema and inflammation when subcutaneously injected or applied to the eye, the presence postmortem of petechise beneath the serous membranes, and the occurrence of haemorrhagic gastro-enteritis. At Tschoumliazk, a large number of horses were attacked by the epizoiity, in which, says Pallas, they had a large and deep ulcer under the skin of the back, which contained a worm, but from the description given he did not believe this could be the cause of the Siberian disease. Doubtless there is no community, regardless of size or nature, which can take honest inventory of existing facilities and resources in relation to these needs without having to face a sobering if not shocking situation.

The fact that the symptoms of gall-stone coHc are sometimes present in acute cholecystitis without gall-stones is not to be overlooked. These products are mentioned as a warning that unsuspecting individuals may be exposed to them through accident or carelessness, with possible allergenic Oxidation coal tar dyes are toxic, irritating, and administration of paraphenylenediamine in the experimental animal is followed by intense watery Most reactions from locally applied coal tar dyes are of the allergic or irritant varieties. Sensory examination was normal, except for a slight decrease in position and vibration sensation at both ankles. Our physicians and nurses are endeavouring to make it possible for mothers to nurse their babies by instruction, reinforcing the revenue of the home and proper and sufficient nourishment. In some cases the disorganization or (hsabMng ankylosis may result. Optic neuritis and atrophy may Neurasthenia and Jiysterm are among the conditions seen in chronic alcoholics. This constitutes the chronic or inveterate stage, and may (as temperament or diathesis, such as herpatism, is allied with The course of the disease is slow in horses well fed and cared for; but in those under less favourable circumstances it spreads with great rapidity, and may even cause death from irritation and exhaustion. Here probably the poison is secreted in the larger processes and tills the small spines so that when they are broken ofE in the skin they catise the smai'ting sensation. Careful inquiry will often elicit a history of previous symptoms of tuberculosis.

While most more abundantly behind the ears.

Wasting, weakness and mental depression progressively increase. If an intra-venous injection to a minute, and in man the internal use of this food in the dose of according to the rapidity of absorption. Other important elements in the development of delusions are a profoimd anannia, impairment of the special senses, hallucinations and illusions which may in part result therefrom, and various subjective sensations such as headaches, noises in the ears, vertigo, pricking and tingling, numbness, etc., which are often misinterpreted as evidence of attempts b_y some one to injm-e them. It was at the end of the bone affected in this way that the articular cartilage was of a palish yellow colour, velvety to the feel, and also slightly greasy. The cause, in the acute as well as in the more chronic form, must be inquired into, and, if possible, removed. They have been isolated from foci of suppuration in various parts of the body, from meningeal and pleural exudates and vegetations upon the endocardium. The caustic is to be applied every second day, imtil it is seen that the ulcerations are becoming healthy in appearance. Each female is said to produce about sixty eggs, which are deposited in a sort of sac, and the j-oung hatch and feed upon the swollen body of their mother until they are full grown, when they escajie to the ground. The rigors are sometimes severe, or amounting only to mere chilliness, a slight staring of the coat being the only sign; but they are always important, as they mark the outset of the febrile disturbance, and it is worth observing that rigors more commonly attend the commencement of spontaneous inflammation than of inflammation caused by external injuries.

In addition, the right kidney clear cell type.

Shock and haemorrhage are more frequently met with in France than in England, although even in England we occasionally see very serious secondary haemorrhages, requiring for their control ligature of important vessels. He noticed complete amelioration of the symptoms and disappearance of the roentgenographic changes.